Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sheriff Doran doesn't get it, HE changed the "Status Quo."

FLDS members at YFZ began registering to vote in the aftermath of the raid.

The San Angelo Standard-Times - " 'We've monitored that very closely,' (Sheriff David) Doran said. 'There has been an increase in registration out there. That's a concern. That is something that could change the status quo of Schleicher County and it's something the residents here don't want.'

Doran, the only Schleicher County official with an opponent in the Nov. 4 election, said as many as 120 ranch residents have registered to vote in the county."

We? Have you got a mouse in your pocket? A change in the status quo is "something the residends there don't want?" Hello? David! "They" are residents of Schleicher County. If "they" register to vote, it is something that those "residents" want. It is THEIR RIGHT. If they vote you out, it's something the "residents" want. As for a change in the status quo, I think YOU did that.

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WC said...

I have been following the news on the raid since April 3, and I think this is probably the most disturbing quote I have heard yet. I live in Texas, and this to me is disturbing even in Texas terms.

The Pharisee said...

I know, it sounds like some trite "Southern Sheriff is a bigot" TV plot. Only it's not a bad script these words are coming from, it's coming right from Sheriff Doran.

WC said...

Yes, why doesn't he come out and just say that he hates the FLDS and is going to witch hunt them and their children till they leave.

It would be an entertaining tv show, if it weren't so tragic.