Thursday, October 02, 2008

On Solving the Lobbyist problem.

My wife (she likes "Adorable Wife" better) likes to watch Jeopardy. In truth, so do I though it seems that I knew a lot more of the answers back when I was 25 than I do today. Today I know that if I think about it for a while, I probably know the answer, or that I knew the answer, at one point in the past. There's a lot of "I KNOW this" going on when I watch the show.

Today I was reminded by the show that when the original House came into being, 1 member of the house represented 30,000 people. With all due deference to history and the size of our legislative chamber, let's PLEASE go back to that.

Imagine trying to BRIBE all those people. Imagine the personal responsiveness each representative would owe to their constituents. Imagine how much work it would involve trying to "Gerrymander" districts. Imagine trying to MANAGE all those representatives for the party. Imagine the birth of NEW parties that would come from the more personal politics of a small constituency.

So we have over 10,000 representatives. Who do they belong to? The party? More like they would belong to us. It might also make the whole issue of the electoral college less the controversy as they are based on the number of representatives, both Senators and House members, the basis for a State's electoral votes.

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