Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Legal Polygyny is INEVITABLE, it's a question of when.

The door is being wedged farther open on the legal front all the time, and soon we are going to have LEGALLY married POLYGYNOUS Christians in our pews. We will also encounter LEGALLY married converts to Christianity that have already entered into such a relationship.

What do you do when a POLYGAMOUS convert shows up on the church doorstep and their version of POLYGAMY is POLYANDRY? You must reject them.

What do you do when a POLYGAMOUS convert shows up on the church doorstep and their version of POLYGAMY is a "Clan" marriage or a "Communal" marriage which is increasingly being refered to as a "POLYAMORY". You must reject them as well.

But what do you do when a POLYGAMOUS man and his wives show up and they are engaged in a POLYGYNY? You can't reject them. The reason you cannot is that at BEST Christianity in it's source texts, those being the Scriptures known as the BIBLE, merely discourages POLYGYNY. I do not believe that Christianity actually does discourage Polygyny. I leave open the discussion because there are people who read passages that refer to Elder Monogamy and that can be excused at least initially for seeing that as a directive to be monogamous.

The Bible is not an egalitarian guide for living in this present world. It is true that in Christ, in Judgment before God, as we WILL BE like the Angels neither being given or giving in marriage. There we will not be not male, or female. Everything WILL be equal from one Christian to another, but that time has not occurred yet. Scripture CLEARLY teaches age roles, gender roles, child roles and parent roles. It even teaches slave and master roles. Scripture teaches acceptable Polygyny in part because Men are OVER women, not the other way around in this life. God is to mankind as man is to woman. Paul teaches this clearly. Sarah calls Abraham "Lord" and Peter in a divinely inspired and thus perfect commentary says she does so for a REASON, and that is that HE is OVER her. One God, many believers. One husband, several wives. Polygyny illustrates this principle. It is a lesson we have neglected in the West for centuries.

Make no mistake, I do not say that you must be Polygynous. That's silly. Many try to claim that I say this but I do not. The continuum of adult living ranges from single, to married to married several times. The state you should be in is the one God has selected for you. Remember though I have made the case that about half of believers in church COULD be if we allowed this form of marriage.

I make this assertion again, here, having made it many times before in forums because it needs to be discussed essentially among Christians to see how were going to deal with this issue. It's coming, God has ordained this discussion quite obviously because of the upheaval surrounding marriage in society today. Being the Calvinist that I am, I cannot think that this is an accident. We are being compelled to face this issue, it's not unlike having our faces forcibly turned and ground into the mess that we call marriage today. We're straining against the hand that pushes us, we're trying to turn our heads, we close our eyes but our faces are being smashed into it and we can no longer deny it.

While I hold out hope that this country will select John McCain for President and he is NOT as far behind at this point in the race as Bush was VS Kerry or Reagan was VS Carter, Barack Obama is still a good bet to be the next President.

President Obama, if he does become that, will appoint HYPER liberal judges. He may have a "Filibuster" proof Senate and an increased majority in the House of Representatives. Obama's father had many wives from what I understand. Obama has a constituency that embraces "gay marriage." It's a short step from there to Polygamy in all it's forms.

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ztgstmv said...

Polygyny or polygamy will be inevitable only if marriage is deconstructed enough in the minds of the justices through forceful argumentation by constitutional lawyers, arguing that marriage in any form, in any arrangement, is a protected right, not on the basis of free practice of religion, but on the basis of free speech, since essentially marriage, absent the cohabitation and procreation, is nothing more than expression and belief.

John said...

I know you like to debate the issue of the legitimacy of polygyny and I would enjoy taking the challenge, BUT, you present such a good argument that I cannot say anything but Amen. I agree with you and appreciate your clear thought and accurate presentation. Keep up the good work.