Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sell the Land

A Suggestion. Let the Feds go ahead and bail out or buy up or buy out whomever. To fund theses acquisitions and favors and bail outs, they should sell an offsetting amount of federal land.

There are factors that should be considered, like zoning this land as a condition of sale, but it should be sold. The federal debt should be eliminated. This would also serve to offset the possibility of inflation and keep the dollar stronger against foreign currencies.

If the national economy remains strong relative to others, our country can go SHOPPING, not for bling, but for the good stuff. Factories. Land. Production. Oil. Crops. Raw Materials. Real things.

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Pliggy said...

Who will buy?

By the way, do you know how annoying that sound on your blog is? I have to mute my puter to read here.

The Pharisee said...

LOL, Annoying? How so?

By the way, there's plenty of money out there, some local banks around where I am, that are seen has conservative have seen their deposits rise by over 40%.

Money is no longer being lost on the whole Pliggy, it's out there. Individuals are losing money, but someone is getting or has gotten that money already. Flooding the market with land will probably keep prices low for a while.

Pliggy said...

Repetative droning... that is how

SO the banks will buy land in a real estate market that is a "buyers" market already? Why don't they just buy up the forclosed houses if there is "plenty" of money out there. And why is "commercial paper" so HARD to come by?

It is not money that is in short supply, it is a defined VALUE of money (which is a subset of Federal debt)vs value of property. Consumer confidence is dollar confidence. It is definately good to buy land, but land is already plentiful and adding more to the market would not help the government. In this "bailout" they are BUYING unvalued land.

If you don't believe my post How to "Make" money just ask the Federal Reserve themselves.