Thursday, October 09, 2008

Texas Continues to Pretend

Yawn, the Castle Rock case is dependent entirely on the El Paso County Colorado case. Buried in the latest Rozita Swinton "news" are these little tidbits;

The Deseret News - "Sarah has never been found. Barlow was never arrested. The Texas Attorney General's Office told the Deseret News the case remains under investigation."

Unless something happens in Texas (or maybe Arizona) summoning Rozita to the stand, any news about her is likely to be of no value until perhaps next year. The significant portion of the story is above. Texas perpetrates the offical lie that they are still investigating the case because it preserves the illusion, officially, that they had cause going into YFZ. How cynical and how unjust.

Random Thought: Is Dale Barlow the secret sealed indictment ninth man? Another thought: Supposedly there were 18 sealed indictments handed down almost immediately, the first day the Grand Jury met. I still don't get that.

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