Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conservative Principle #3

Conservatism does not offer solutions. Because Conservatism does not offer solutions it is not sexy. BECAUSE OF THIS CONSERVATISM REQUIRES COURAGE AND REAL THOUGHT.

Solutions, if conservatives could be said to be offering any amount to staying OUT of an issue, not getting into the middle of it. This is essentially an outgrowth of idea #2, that Government is the WORST solution for any problem and should only be employed when it is the ONLY solution.

My health care plan? What do you mean my health care plan?

My health care solution? I don't have one.

My education plan? See the above.

My plan for social security? Raise the retirement age every other year by one year. Problem solved.

Closing loopholes for the income tax system? Get rid of the income tax. Replace it with a consumption tax. ON EVERY LAST RETAIL ITEM SOLD, be it food or drugs or whatever. The government, as noxious as it is, is necessary and needs money. I just think it makes more sense for you to see how much you're paying in taxes every time you buy something. I point out to just about every waitress for instance that the government is getting a tip. I always ask them when the government showed up and did something. That gets wrinkled brows and then a bit of dawning awareness. I do the same at check outs in any retail transaction. I close car deals and point out the BIG COMMISSION the state made off the deal, and ask the customer where the state was, other than making a lot of paperwork for them to sign. A consumption tax would produce a HEALTHY resentment of what the government was getting from each of us.

I could go on, I think you get the picture. I don't want the governments help. If they can't help me, they don't need my money. Go kill our enemies and stop strip searching me when I try to get on an airplane. Execute persons involved in voter fraud for treason. Otherwise leave me alone.

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Pliggy said...

Wow, you are sounding more and more like Ron Paul :)

"climbing under Pharisee's skin"

The Pharisee said...

Except that Ron Paulyanna is weak on national defense. He doesn't even take the same positions the founders took when the chips are down.

Check out the "Barbary Wars."

Pliggy said...

Sorry that you are confused about the difference between National Defense and National Offense. Ron Paul voted in favor of the Afghan invasion to capture or kill Bin Laden. He even wrote a bill authorizing a bounty, which is in the Constitution as "Letters of Marq and Reprisal"

It is the rediculous Iraq war he was against, but even then he was the only man in congress that would write a Declaration of War, which Congress cannot hand off to the President, they are supposed to do it, and take RESPONSIBILITY for it.

He favored repairing and building up military bases at home, and actually improving the lives of veterans. With over 700 bases overseas, we are not defending our nation, we are subduing our empire, which is coming down due to the cost and the debt.
And the Barbary Wars was more about attacking specific pirates like Bin Laden, not all Muslims indescriminantly. Just listen to former CIA Bin Laden head Michael Scheuer.

Our National Defense, not to mention our Economy, would be much better if people would listen to Ron Paul.