Friday, October 17, 2008

There Is No Investigation You Morons

The untouchable Rozita Swinton continues to be mentally evaluated and treated. The LIES of Texas become increasingly obvious.

The Deseret News - "Six months after the raid, the Texas Attorney General's Office is declining to comment much on the status of its ongoing investigation.

'No state charges are pending re: Swinton,' spokesman Jerry Strickland said in an e-mail to the Deseret News. 'We cannot and will not comment on details of our investigation.' "

There is no investigation. Selective justice continues. Remember, as long as Texas is "investigating" and as long as they find nothing because they aren't really investigating, Texas can pretend that they had cause going into YFZ.

This is PUTRID. Texas has known for half a year now who called with the bogus tip regarding YFZ. They've put all the evidence they have in a safe place and not looked at it, that's because they can't officially KNOW that it was Rozita. Furthermore, after this length of time, one begins to wonder if they evidence they collected when they first discovered Rozita is damning. Of THEM.

This is CORRUPT.

This is WRONG.

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