Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nonsuits quietly continue

And then there were 50;

"415 people have been 'nonsuited' in the ongoing custody battle. That leaves approximately 50 children still involved in pending legal cases. The Deseret News' tally includes the 26 so-called 'disputed minors,' FLDS women that Child Protective Services initially said were minors but later nonsuited when the agency determined they were adults."

And, the indicted men have had their pretrial hearings put off until December 1st. Oh my. That means more delays probably for Allen Steed's case, and Rozita Swinton's.

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duaneh1 said...

I heard that Judge Walther is retiring come January. If that is true, could they be buying time so that a new Judge will preside over most of the proceedings?

kbp said...

"You have not waived ALL of your rights... You still have the final hearings..."
Judge walther, April 17, 2008

We may find out how many rights were not waived then!