Wednesday, October 01, 2008

There is a FLDS Fugitive. The Ninth Man?

I missed one.

The San Angelo Standard Times
- "A ninth FLDS man remains at large despite being indicted on two undisclosed charges months ago, said Schleicher County District Clerk Peggy Williams."

Merril Jessop I presume? This will probably involve a perp walk.

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TexasMom said...

It's Warren Jeffs.

1) LeRoy Jessop'
2) Ray Jessop
3) Micheal Emack
4) Allan Keate
5) Lloyd Barlow
6) Keith Dutson
7) Lehi Jeffs
8) Abram Jeffs

The Pharisee said...

That's what I thought to, only the story says the charges are unknown, and the man's name, unknown.

We know what the charges are against Warren.

TexasMom said...

But his name hasn't "officially" been released because he hasn't officially been arrested. It's Warren Jeffs, and they are trying to make it sound sinister.

The Pharisee said...

That could be. We know full well they inflate and deflate numbers to spin stories. That's just the beginning of the duplicity of Texas so I suppose it could be Warren.

I'll be sure to mention this if it does turn out to be Warren.

yutthehay said...

What about all the rest of us pligs? We have all been accused. So why don't we all turn ourselves in. As far as some people are concerned as long as we are not all in jail we are all fugitives.

Lucille said...

I don't think you know the difference between "accused" and "indicted".