Thursday, October 16, 2008

Multiplying Non Suits, only 1 in 6 kids left.

I'm losing track they're dropping cases so fast.

The Deseret News - "On Wednesday, Texas Child Protective Services filed to nonsuit 29 children from court oversight. On Tuesday, the agency dropped 20 more. That brings the total number of people dropped from the case to 364."

Brooke Adams
now says there are only 72 out of 439 cases left. The 439 is the conservative top figure for children taken, discounting the original number that exceeded 460 which included adults later conceded to be adults.

With 439 as the top figure, and 72 left, that's only 1 out of 6 kids still under court "oversight" of some sort. 16% 5 kids for every one kid still deemed to need "oversight."

Since the number is now manageably low, it's time to start asking WHO the remaining 72 are. One is Merrianne Jessop, who as been placed back in state custody. Since it is now incontrovertible that YFZ was NOT a dangerous environoment. This calls into question the whole idea by the way, of taking Merriane Jessop back into state custody.

Also from the Deseret News;

"Approximately 63 children, ages 10 and up, have been asked to attend the (sexual abuse, underage marriage and the law) sessions provided by therapists in the San Angelo area. They run a total of four hours, either in one-hour or two-hour blocks. If providers have knowledge of sex abuse, it can be included as long as it is age appropriate and does not include sex education, (Patrick) Crimmins wrote."

I'm guessing that the 63 comprise the bulk of the remaining 72, and are probably all younger girls.

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kbp said...

Good guess on that 63.

The Pharisee said...

This class thing seems like a delaying tactic. It seems to me that there can be no justification for continuing the suits for these girls after the class. We're going to be down to ten, or to one in a big hurry.

ztgstmv said...

they're resuiting though, likely claiming abuse/neglect based on their observations of parent-children relationships during visitation (hint of this from Willson's story on, coerced testimony from children, and psych exams -- the usual CPS bag of tricks to keep kids in custody.

The Pharisee said...