Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jeffs having trouble interviewing Texas Rangers.

The most significant part of this story, I think, is the fact that Arizona is swearing off all evidence gathered at YFZ.

The Deseret News - "Mohave County prosecutors have repeatedly said they do not plan on using any evidence seized from Texas in Jeffs' upcoming trials in Arizona."

It would seem they think their case might be harmed if they took a peek at what Texas has. Beyond that, Texas is up to its usual tricks.

"In court papers filed Monday in Arizona, (Warren) Jeffs' defense attorneys are asking a judge to order the depositions of Texas law enforcement officials. Richard Wright and Michael Piccarreta say they have made repeated efforts to schedule interviews, but Texas authorities have not cooperated with them.

'This failure to grant personal interviews is slowing the process of analysis as to all of the issues raised in the motion to suppress,' the attorneys wrote."

If there is nothing harmful to the cases that Texas seeks to prosecute against the FLDS, then why the foot dragging? Texas on the one hand seems to think there IS something to hide. Arizona on the other wants to be as far away from Texas evidence as they can. But tehre's nothing wrong with the collection of evidence at YFZ. Nope. Nothing.

"The Texas Department of Public Safety referred questions to the state's attorney general's office, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment."

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