Monday, October 13, 2008

State Withholding Evidence in Allen Steed's case?

Surprise, Surprise. The State has been withholding? Say it isn't so;

The Deseret News - "(Allen) Steed is seeking any notes, e-mails, correspondence, records, documents or any other evidence related to his case and that of Jeffs, his attorney noted.

'We're entitled to all of it,' (Jim) Bradshaw said. He added he has already received documents from Washington County Attorney Brock Belnap, but he believes there was much more to the case files.

'I suspect there is a large volume of information exchanged between the Utah attorney general, Washington County attorney, Roger Hoole and others that we are entitled to,' Bradshaw said.

For his part, (Brock) Belnap insisted he withheld only documents he considered privileged because they were 'work projects' that included opinions, legal analyses and other commentary from the attorneys in his office."

The weakness of the state's case was also highlighted.

"Bradshaw received the timeline of events in Steed's case, noting that Wall left the marriage in 2004 and did not raise the allegation of rape until 2006 after meeting with attorneys.

'Mr. Steed is charged in Sept. 2007 for events that allegedly occurred in 2001. It is extremely critical to know what this alleged victim originally said, who she said it to, what the initial reports said and if there was any physical evidence,' Bradshaw said.

Steed is also seeking information about the 'financial rewards' Wall received from the state's victim reparation fund, Diversity Foundation, a book publisher and any other sources.

'Her account of what occurred is not correct,' said Bradshaw. 'Or at best it is greatly exaggerated to obtain financial rewards. Money changes everything.'

Wall's attorney, Roger Hoole, said his client was not trying to hide anything."

Of course not.

The Green Monster didn't have anything whatsoever to do with Elissa Wall's sudden discovery that she was raped. She didn't know she was raped until someone told her she was. Two years after she left Allen, five years after the fact.

"A scheduled Oct. 22 preliminary hearing could be used now to examine discovery issues, the judge said."

Ya Think?

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ztgstmv said...

I think they can't pull a statutory rape charge, because then they'd have to charge her current husband, who impregnated her while she was married to Allen, and who is older than Allen.

The Pharisee said...

Nope, that's out. Fascinating that they haven't bothered to charge him.

The whole basis of Warren Jeffs conviction is that Allen performed an ordinary rape, namely that Allen engaged in non consensual relations with Elissa.

Warren was deemed to have encouraged this act.

Warren is convicted of accomplice.

Now Allen must be convicted of actual relations without consent for it to be rape.

I don't think Statutory rape was ever on the table for Allen or Warren.

ztgstmv said...

According to the AP story, Allen faces a charge of one count of rape. The question now is how does Warren Jeffs get convicted of two counts of rape as an accomplice, when the alleged actual rapist is only suspected of one count? What kind of freaky logic is that?

cheese said...

Why aren't Lamont's accomplices doing two sentences of 5 to life?