Friday, October 24, 2008

The Other Resignation at CPS and Confirmation of Turmoil (AKA "Reorganization")

If you needed confirmation of the internal fight going on at CPS, look no further than this story;

The Deseret News - "Texas Child Protective Services officials also are not commenting on why (Charles) Childress is leaving, but said they are in the process of reorganizing their legal team based in San Angelo, Texas, right now.

Childress is not the only lawyer who worked the FLDS child custody case to resign recently. Gary Banks, who was the lead counsel when the 439 children were taken into state custody immediately following the raid, resigned Oct. 3 to take a position with a Texas law firm."

The powerful and connected do not stay unemployed. They are offered safety nets even before they leave one job, even in disgrace. Politics is like that. Who needs a "Golden Parachute" when what you will be offered instead is lifetime security? But I digress. That is a discussion for both the Economic Pharisee and the Political Pharisee (both me, of course).

The key here is that whoever is ultimately pulling the strings in the whole CPS/FLDS/YFZ fiasco, it has been determined from the top that the handling of the custody cases is a disaster. Since this is politics, the disaster part is determined by how it makes those at the top look. Charles Childress had NOTHING to do with the raid taking place, but still falls on the sword. Preceding him was Gary Banks, who WAS lead counsel at the time of the raid.

Clearly the RESULT is important to those at the top. Gary is made responsible, but taken care of. It will be interesting to see how things go for Charles Childress. There are some days when you wish illegal wiretapping wasn't. I'd love to be able to speak to the mouse in the corner in those conference rooms.

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TxBlogger said...

Attorneys have said CPS filed the motion to halt discovery without distributing copies of that motion to any other parties in the case - an action they say amounted to ex parte communication with the judge, something not allowed by law.

Walther overruled the legal aid group's motions to revoke her order and largely dismissed a motion for sanctions that would have ordered CPS to follow the state's rules of civil procedure.

"It's not simply enough to assume the parties will follow the rules," Flanigan told Walther. "If that were the case, we wouldn't be here."

CPS attorney Charles Childress replied to Walther, "We're doing our best to comply with the rules, and we're trying to comply."

"I don't know how I invoke sanctions for that" in advance, Walther responded. "They know the rules. They should follow the rules."~~~

Does "trying to comply" work for anyone under CPS investigation?