Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anticipating the Liberal Majority

I've said it before, and will say it again. There is a climate of "change" on the horizon, and that change is away from morality, towards liberalism. Obama is by no means a sure thing, but Obama getting as close as he has gotten should be a sobering thought.

What this means is that Government will get MORE into our lives, not LESS. Forget the economics, let's talk personal behavior. The YFZ raid with it's ever dwindling caseload shows that Government is entirely willing to invade your life just because they don't like you and have heard nasty things about you. They'll take the first pretense (Rozita) and run with it. They have the power to tie you up forever with their myriad byzantine laws, bureaucracies and administrative rules.

There is a WINDOW that is open now, and will RAPIDLY close where it is possible to both legalize and protect a MONOGAMOUS view of marriage and a POLYGYNOUS one. That window will close very quickly and when it does, we will end up with a state managed family and state sponsored, state marriage rules. Polygyny will be legal, marriage will be legal, but you won't like the way, AT ALL, that they are legalized and regulated.

Right now religious Polygynists and Monogamists can band together with some rather odd elements on the left to create marriage or "relationship" contracts. These will essentially be "pre-nups." Appealing to religious freedom, while we still have it, we can set up contracts that don't prevent divorce for instance, but define how it occurs.

Scenario: Your wife leaves you. One of your wives leave you. You don't believe that divorce can occur for any reason other than adultery, but, she's left you. She wants it all. Kids, house, money, alimony and child support. You and her have a marriage contract. It stipulates that divorce OUGHT not occur except for the reason of adultery, yet recognizes that the state allows what it calls divorce, for ANY REASON.

In your contract there is a buy out clause. You have not given your wife cause for divorce, she in turn has not given you one, but she wants the state to give her one nonetheless. There is no abuse (a busibody interest of the state that has to be addressed) and there is no adultery. You and she have written an agreement that breaking the contract gives the one abandoning the relationship a percentage of the joint assetts or a responsibility for the joint net debt situation. It specifies that the offended party (the one not leaving) keeps everything and buys out the offending party. She walks away, you keep the kids, she gets a check for X number of dollars and you never see her again. Arbitration is by the church body where you are both members.

Sound good to you? Does any VARIATION of the above scenario sound good to you? Do you have your own version of a contract you'd like to operate under? This COULD be done now.

What it will do is legalize all forms of "Polyamory" which is the new term coined for "however many people, male or female, living together and doing whatever." It would work for heterosexual monogamies. It would work for Polygynies. It would work for homosexual monogamous "marriage" be it gay or lesbian.

IF WE WAIT, we will get what we have now. The state making an egalitarean contract for marriage where sheer numbers rule Your wives can band together and DIVORCE you and take everything for whatever reason. They can band together and decide Lesbian Love is important, and so on.

IF WE ACT NOW, we can used our religous freedoms to carve out a place for marriage as we see it in our various religious groups.

To that end, I propose as I have proposed before, that your Humble Pharisee is an IDEAL candidate to lead such a movement, before it's too late. To protect, preserve or establish the legal framework in which we can be what we believe God allows us to be.

I need help. What I need:

  • Legal help. That's you lawyers out there.
  • Site help. Someone who knows more about this dang tech stuff. I'm good enough to be dangerous but that's about it. This blog is quite popular for an idiot's blog who doesn't know how to get himself found as a result of search engine inquiries. It could be more prominent.
  • Writing help. I will require that those who join the Modern Pharisee blog as writers be of a very narrow religious persuasion, similar to mine. I am ecumenical in actions, in protection of rights, but not in belief.
  • CASH. The more I have, the more time I can devote to this. At present I have done all that I do for less than $30.00. Expenses associated with this activity have far exceeded that as yet, uncollected revenue. Google hasn't found a way to get that money to me.

In case of CASH, it can be translated to any of the above categories except for writing.

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Lionroot said...

I think you have totally missed the point. The bru-haa-haa is not about marriage. It is about legitimizing a lifestyle. In states where so called "same sex marriage" occurs, the state has begun to attack the children. Instructing them on accepting, embracing, and celebrating this perversion. All done despite the will and beliefs of the parents.

Your plan like theirs, says this lifestyle is OK, the government says so.

Christians should not be fighting the "same sex marriage" agenda, because the argument implies that the behavior is fine. Christians need to be about the business of outlawing homosexual behavior, and identifying it as the perversion, deviant behavior that it is.

Keep them away from our kids! True homosexuals do not breed. They only spread by indoctrination. "Gay marriage" allows them to legally indoctrinate your children through the school system.

The Pharisee said...

I don't think marriage is the province of the state at all, however, we've already ceded the state a role in marriage Lionroot. That wasn't smart, but we did it.

In Utah the Attorney General is willing to strike a deal with Polygynists "decriminalizing" the practice. What Shurtleff means is "don't make it legal, I'll be willing to make it a traffic ticket."

What this does is allow Shurtleff to still prosecute "crimes associated with Polygamy" which will STILL be crimes for Polygynists, but not crimes for monogamists. This continues to perpetuate the image of Polygynists as lawbreakers. It prevents fathers from acting as legal representatives of their own children (THAT'S bad) and so on.

The education angle we can solve by home schooling as the FLDS did but we are perpetually subject to raids because rabid haters like Flora Jessop will always be spreading Nazi (yes, I said NAZI) lies about the behavior of Polygynists and when we try to manage our communities, the Government will spearhead efforts to break them up, just like the FLDS. It either has to be LEGAL, or it has to be totally decriminalized. That would involve the government retreated from busybody laws like "what age is appropriate for sex to begin?"

If you look through scripture, there is not ONE instance of Paul or the growing church COMPLAINING about society's behavior AROUND them, yet the evidence is that he passed and walked through evidence of great wickedness. Houses of prostitution with open windows at street level. Phallic cults who had their graphic advertisements set in paving stones of the public street. Graveyards of the discarded children of prostitution. He said nothing. All he offered them was the good news.

It is not that I want legal homosexual "marriage." I just recognize that in the process of carving out a legal cul de sac of protection for us, the state will probably declare all forms of "adult human relationship" legal.

Lionroot said...

Now Pharisee,

I did not cede anything to the state.

God did not tell the Israelites, home school your children, and avoid evil. No, He said remove the evil from among you.

We are also told not to be unequally yoked. What your suggesting does just that. We should not make any agreements, contracts, or covenants with these people, not personally and not through our government.

Its time to put evil away, and close pandora's box...