Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A "child" leads them. Is this the Steely Will of the Helpless? Teresa Steed tells Walther "Forget it!" Tiananmen Square moves to Texas.

Mousy cowed baby factory FLDS victims have more steel in their spine than most of our leaders. I'm giving up the pretense of "Marlo" as the name is out there. Teresa Steed stands up, and is counted.

The Deseret News
- " 'She is living out of state. ... I just don't want anyone to know where she is,' said the 17-year-old (Teresa Steed), who was wearing a dark blue prairie dress and her hair braided back, the typical style of female members of the Fundamentalist LDS Church."

How is this the action of someone who cannot speak for themselves? As pointed out before, if indeed 16 is too young (but it wasn't 5 years ago) then since Ms. Steed has turned 17 and could be deemed responsible enough to give consent, can't she say that retroactively, she would have given consent? If she wanted to escape her cruel husband, she could simply "break down" in a puddle and give her child up to Texas. They'd embrace her, and "protect" her as their star witness. She does not break down though, she stands like a Tiananmen Square protester and will not be moved. This is no child, this is an adult. Right or Wrong, Teresa Steed stands on her own. I guess a child will lead them.

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