Saturday, February 28, 2009

They're Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Remember that anti FLDS site with all the objectionable pictures that Wordpress pulled?
They're at it again. Sans pictures. Somebody spent some money too, to make it look real spiffy. Apparently they also tried again with another URL, and got that deleted as well. Maybe they finally got it right, as far as legalities go.

LOL, three blogs, two down for TOS violations. Maybe those lawyer boys don't know what they're talking about after all. Maybe we shouldn't be concerned with their legal opinions as well. Of course, if this were baseball, their batting average would be good. If these guys are criminal defense attorneys, I'm glad they're not defending us.

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Anonymous said...

They are desperate to get as much out as they can Hugh, they know that all the evidence is going to get quashed, they want to get as much tainting done as possible before that happens.

ztgstmv said...

I'm still just in awe at the corruption in how the state has handled this case. 20 million to rustle up a few lines from a girl's diary? State employees have nothing better to do than read through hundreds of thousands of church documents?

And then try to get the most suggestive scraps out of a the entirety of the church writings into the public eye by slipping it into the record under the guise of Natalie Malonis' Teresa Jeffs child custody case?

How much more blatant can a concerted persecution effort be?