Sunday, February 01, 2009

Texas Emergency Information Requests go by carrier pigeon?

Rephrasing and refreshing the FBI/Ranger/CSPD April the 13th MYTH.
It often occurs to me I have not explained it well. Look at what has to be believed for the Texas Rangers to have contacted CSPD on April the 13th, 2008 regarding Rozita Swinton.

Figure this series of contacts MUST start early in the morning, so we'll do the hypothetical this way.

Texas Ranger Brooks Long wakes up, after a grueling 10 days of YFZ nonsense and looking for "Sarah."

He gets his morning Newspaper, coffee, breakfast, and sits down to enjoy a quiet Sunday Morning and says "OH (Bleep!)"

Picks up the PHONE, and calls NOT THE CSPD (because he has Colorado Springs cell phone numbers) but the FBI, in SAN ANGELO.

But WAIT! The FBI IS THERE! Someone is working late OR, (More Likely) Brooks calls an FBI agent he KNOWS at San Angelo. Apparently this is an EMERGENCY, BECAUSE...

The unknown FBI San Angelo Agent IMMEDIATELY DROPS EVERYTHING! He calls an agent in Colorado Springs who is AVAILABLE and ANSWERS! Keep in mind that in this total burning down emergency mode that has to exist for things to move this quickly, Brooks has not called CSPD, he's called the FBI, who also in this BURNING WEEKEND EMERGENCY MODE has called another FBI agent he just happens to know and be able to contact on the weekend. REPEATING. Brooks Long calls an FBI Agent HE KNOWS and KNOWS the after hours phone number of who then turns out to know, (coincidentally) the private after hours contact number for FBI Agent Steve A. Smith of Colorado Springs who just HAPPENS to be working on a Task Force in Colorado Springs with a Sgt. Sean Mandel, who he just happens to BE with, or whom he PICKS UP THE PHONE, (again, convinced of the BURNING EMERGENCY) and calls not HEADQUARTERS, but Sgt. Sean Mandel.

Now at least a Message, traveling through back channels and still carrying with it specificity and clarity and a tone of BURNING EMERGENCY passes to Sgt. Sean Mandel, who is getting this now FOURTH HAND and he creates yet another link in the chain. Sgt. Sean Mandel who clearly cannot go into CSPD offices because of his detached status on what is probably some "undercover" investigation with the FBI task force (this is a VERY convoluted strange path) picks up the phone or goes to SEE Sgt. Hugh Velasquez IN PERSON and now the FIFTH HAND emergency back channel message has reached an active member of the CSPD on duty on Sunday, Sex Crimes Task Force Member Sgt. Hugh Velasquez who then contacts SIXTH HAND, Detective Terry Thrumston.

Sgt. Hugh Velasquez then sends another message back down the line or contacts the FBI agent in San Angelo himself (this is now 7 or 8 uninterrupted phone contacts immediately attended to, no "unknown calls" screened out on a Sunday) and in addition to that, researches the phone numbers, on a the same day, and fingers Rozita Swinton. The FBI agent in San Angelo calls Brooks Long, who then calls Sgt. Hugh Velasquez (minimum 9 calls after hours among people in Law Enforcement on a weekend not all of whom KNOW each other) and Sgt. Hugh Velasquez says "Brooks, WE HAVE YOUR GIRL! HER NAME IS ___________!"


I don't believe that happened that way. Do you?


I don't believe that happened all on a Sunday, DO YOU?

That means the story is a lie, the contact between the FBI and the Texas Rangers about the phone call occurred earlier, the preceding week, not the week of the 13th, and the only believable day for that is Friday, April the 11th, 2008.

It is also possible that the FBI tipped the Texas Rangers after researching it themselves. Once we realize that the story is a lie, the true story is, well, just about anything.

What I can promise you is this did NOT start on the 13th. The inquiry into the phone numbers began earlier than that and the FBI doesn't want us to know when, and does not want us to know who was involved and does not want us to know whose idea it was.

Now, KNOWING that you've been lied to about all of this, do you believe that the FBI, upon completing their own search warrant on Thursday, April 10th, 2008, gets it in gear on the phone number issue on Friday, April 11th, 2008 and also this investigation is completed on Sunday, April 13th? Remember the path that has been documented has this minimum number of links, and players.

FBI Agent in San Angelo (working at SOMEONE'S request, not his own) calls an FBI Agent in Colorado Springs who HE DOES NOT KNOW, and WHO DOES NOT KNOW HIM.

THAT FBI Agent just HAPPENS to have a CSPD Sgt. on his task force.

THAT CSPD Sgt. contacts another CSPD Sgt.

THAT CSPD Sgt. contacts another Detective at CSPD.

SOMEONE get's back to the FBI in San Angelo.

I repeat, this does not all happen on a Sunday afternoon. It doesn't even happen on a weekend. It barely has enough time to happen on Friday.

Remember also that you have to believe that the FBI and Sheriff Doran and the Texas Rangers BELIEVE there is a Sarah, so they BELIEVE that they will find the owner of the phone, and trace it back to a member of the FLDS, but instead, they find Rozita Swinton.

Also, why does the FBI inquire of CSPD? WHY would you believe that the phone numbers were involved in a CRIME?

If you believe the phone numbers were involved in a crime, doesn't that suggest a database that was accessed?

Why wasn't that done right away?

WAS that done right away?

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ztgstmv said...

Hopefully the defense will subpoena as many people as they need to until they get the full story. Obviously we can't just take LE's word for it.

cheese said...

I wonder what twisting and turning contortions Blues will go through to try and explain this away?

The Pharisee said...

He said this, on his blog:

TxBluesMan said...


Probably because that is how most such contacts are initially handled. If you'll also note from your own posts, there were a number of people who the information went through prior to the affidavit being written and sworn to.

It is not a vast conspiracy, but more like the game of passing a secret down the line.

If I were law enforcement, I would be a little sensitive and careful in talking to someone that has only attacked the credibility of the government officials involved.

Why would they want to talk to someone that would twist the words or the context in order to support a pro-polygamy agenda?

February 1, 2009 9:48 PM"

He basically blames me.

TxBluesMan said...

Yup, it's all your fault Hugh...

Give me a break.

I pointed out that you have said nothing positive at all about law enforcement, and have continually denigrated the officers.

Why would they want to talk to you?

The Pharisee said...

They denigrate themselves when they conceal and cover up. From the beginning blues, I have said the rank and file on site were DOING their JOBS and I support them.

From the BEGINNING I have said that if they actually SAW a crime in the execution of a bad warrant, the jig was up because it is not LE's fault that someone in LE lied, and it's not their problem that they saw a crime in progress.

However, it is not being shown or claimed (to date) that a crime other than a thought crime was ever committed.

And blues, as minor as I may be in the scheme of things, I am press and Mark D. White IS there to answer questions from people like me. I actually DO generate a small amount of revenue from this blog due to the volume of visitation, so I am actually a "Professional Journalist" as laughable as that may seem.

And Blues, the officers talked to me, straight up. Voluntarily. With ME identifying WHO I was, and WHY I was calling them, and telling them what my intent was as far as the information was concerned.

The Pharisee said...

Bwahahahaha. I'm confirmed now by today's motion (April 15th, 2009)