Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Contact About Rozita Swinton, NOT with CSPD, but actually with the FBI

I spoke to Colorado Springs Police Lieutenant Sean Mandel today. Breaking news

The first contact between Texas Law Enforcement and Colorado was not actually with Colorado, it was with the FBI. Someone in Texas contacted the FBI and Agent Steve A. Smith then communicated with then Sgt. Sean Mandel as he was on detached service with the FBI from CSPD. Lt. Mandel spoke with then Sgt. Brooks Long once or twice in his recollection, which seems to be that they spoke "later in the day."

I emphasize that FIRST CONTACT as presented in Exhibit 3, attachment A, p.5 is not with Sean Mandel and Brooks Long. It is SOMEBODY from Texas, and SOMEBODY with the FBI. It filters through Agent Steve Smith to Sean Mandel and then a conversation occurs with Brooks Long.

The rest of the affidavit attached to the warrant is accurate in the successive events. Then Sgt. Sean Mandel communicated with Sgt. Hugh Velasquez who was on active duty with CSPD, who then communicated with Terry Thrumston, who then gave the affidavit to Amy Mullaney for the warrant. Sean Mandel did not go on the arrest, and says "Texas flew up" to go with the arresting officers.

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