Monday, July 28, 2008

Newsweek on Rozita Swinton

Rozita is profiled in Newsweek, and for the first time the press (apart from your Modern Pharisee) wakes up to the cold calculating nature of the instigator of the YFZ raid.

"Yet there's a highly rational and calculating aspect to Swinton's alleged deeds. In the past few years, she has used at least nine cell-phone numbers—many of them prepaid, avoiding the need to register them—to orchestrate her ruses, according to police. And rather than slipping uncontrollably into one character or another, she has seemed to switch between them at will."

I pointed this out early on, saying that she showed calculating behavior by avoiding the camera in the police questioning she went through. I also pointed out the similarities between her mug shot and other calculating child abusers.

"Psychiatrists interviewed by NEWSWEEK say that although they wouldn't rule out multiple-personality disorder—a controversial diagnosis technically known as dissociative identity disorder (DID)—Swinton's behavior doesn't match the usual profile (none of them has personally examined her). 'People with DID typically have intense stories of their own abuse' and don't 'run around reporting on other people's abuse,' says David Spiegel, associate chair of psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine. Richard Kluft, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Temple University School of Medicine, says it's possible that Swinton suffers from other conditions, like factitious disorder, in which people have a need to be seen as ill and deliberately create symptoms to prove it."

I still strongly suspect the KEY phrases that Rozita keeps using need to be paid attention to. "You're saying I'm lying" she tends to say, or seems amazed that people think she didn't tell the truth, and then protests that it IS the truth, that it's "HER STORY."

Lies always have an anchor in the truth in my experience. Rozita is intent on proclaiming that the stories she tells are TRUE. Someone has fed her these stories or she has read them in case files. She now feels the need to tell them. I think it's important to know where these stories came from. I think Rozita BELIEVES they are true. Another alternative is that she is changing details of the story to mask their origin.

The Newsweek article also identifies Mary Catharine Nelson as her foster parent, but does not touch on the "Reverend" Nelson's connections with the publishing company that she published her books through. The article also uses stock photographs that were supplied by Swinton herself.

There is STILL more to the story, but at least someone looked at her in an unsympathetic way for the first time, in the mainstream media.

The article points out that Rozita received therapy in Missouri, I assume recently. This may explain why I got a bunch of recent hits from Rural Missouri and at about the same time, ceased to get hits from Colorodo Springs, on this blog. It could be coincidence but Missouri is home to Eden Theological Seminary, and was or still is home to Mary Catharine Nelson's big bud and fellow homosexual rights activist, Dr. Peggy Ann Way.

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