Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brooke Adams "outs" her own bias.

Ever wonder what reporters really think of the FLDS/YFZ story? Brooke Adams of the Salt Lake Tribune, slips up (?) and tells us.
The Plural Life - "Those early official claims — which included unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse of boys and broken bones due to abuse, which DFPS acknowledged yesterday were unfounded — were unfortunate since they clouded the real discovery that the sect had spiritually married girls as young as 12 to older men."
Even though no trial has been held, and they have not been convicted. It's obvious isn't it? There is no hint of objectivity on Ms. Adams part. "The REAL discovery" (not the alleged discovery) is that older men were married to girls as young as 12 even though it couldn't have been known without real abuse of power. All the while every reporter is careful to hedge their bets acting as if they don't know Rozita was the caller, and without saying as I do, that "there is no Sarah, you morons."

I'm not disputing that FLDS men may be actually doing a good portion of what is alleged. Not in the slightest. I do think that there remains a strong, strong possibility that the youngest of the girls was in a "betrothal." The confusion there for the rest of society is that they don't understand that Biblical Betrothal was in essence, marriage. Marriage without sex, and a state that required divorce to sunder. Merrianne Jessop may well be in such an arrangement with Warren Jeffs.

To Brooke the ends justify the means. On the scale of heinous acts that humanity can commit, even more heinous it would seem than the genocide carried out by the various state and federal government agencies arrayed against the FLDS is "child abuse" as defined by those agencies.

Ms. Adams. The REAL story is the flagrant disregard for OUR rights, the rights of the FLDS, your rights Ms. Adams and my rights, that the state exhibited when invading YFZ. Such informal precedents are dangerously real. They redefine words in our minds. "Justified" takes on new meaning. "Probable cause" deteriorates into any trumped up reason to search a home or business that results in a "find."

The real story in fact is how a woman, so TOWERINGLY stupid as Rozita Swinton, perpetrated a hoax on Texas so that they went on her story alone into YFZ with guns drawn. Does Ms. Adams think, for real, that the REAL discovery is that older men have sex with young girls? Does she HONESTLY think SHE JUST DISCOVERED this?

I have followed the Story of Rozita for almost a year now in a fashion that can only be described as obsessive by those watching me. The more I learn about her, the more I am amazed ANYONE believed her. She can't SPELL. She is a narcissistic sociopath (IMHO). She lies CONSTANTLY. She thinks she's part of some gigantic cause. Those that she thinks are her friends, her longtime associations, often don't even know who she is as she stalks them under multiple internet identities. She has pretended to be a HIGH SCHOOL student in Colorado Springs and pulled it off apparently, with those students, long after she graduated. Her opportunistic literary whore of a foster parent, Mary Catharine Nelson tried to hawk her miserable vanity press books by pointing to the good fortune that had her mention Rozita's name twice in both books. I READ one of them and found that Rozita was regularly cut OUT of the frame of the "Rev." Nelson's illustrations, because she was so UNIMPORTANT.

Yet she was believed. She now wanders around the country, going to Hospitals as a patient, visiting apparent real friends in Idaho, blogging incomprehensibly, sometimes about my "obsession" with her (no, it's an obsession with injustice, she's just there) and not having the good sense to realize that the "Hugh McBryde" who has been pursuing her, that she blogs about, is the same "Hugh McBryde" contacting her on one of her social networking accounts.

After a year of using my limited tools to find things out about Rozita, in the hope of showing how the raid was bogus, it's proven. I haven't found someone that anyone could believe. To perpetrate the Hoax, Rozita would have to have been someone else, someone she demonstrably, is not. Unless it is shown that she has real "other personalities," some of which are actually intelligent, no one can convince me that this dim Medusa has any power beyond the ability reveal people's minds, are already stone.

That's the real story. The real story is that our rights are trampled while Brooke, and virtually every member of the press deliberately ignores the fact that if you KNEW Rozita, you'd know Texas is lying. God forbid that they tell that story. The story of Texas believing what they want to believe and tossing away the rights of every man, woman and child in this country.

For most of the last 9 months, I have uncovered fact after fact after fact. I have dutifully reported on them. I have occasionally been wrong. I have put the facts in front of the people who cover them time after time. I have sometimes offered the story to reporters prior to publishing it myself. I have let others take credit for my own research, some of which those following the story have read under other people's bylines.

The REAL STORY is not that Older Men took younger girls, that does not threaten us all. What threatens us all is that an unbelievable woman was used to trump up charges and trample rights. That harms us all. The next story is that the press, entrusted with the freedoms that preserve all other freedoms, won't report that story, instead, leering and trying to catch a glimpse of old men and young girls to sell newspapers that are as bankrupt as their principles.

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Carol said...

Well spoken Mr. McBryde as always.
I have been following "The Plural Life" for a few months. IMHO, the writer was reasonably objective until of late. Could it be the writer is trying to appease the type of haters/bigots who have taken over this blog? The same crude people who now about controls the SLT Blog now seem to control "The Plural life." Neither board is worthwhile reading thanks to this group. There is no discussion or permitted difference of opinion on either.

The Pharisee said...

Those of us who blog about the story have been talking about this among ourselves. As the children were let go, the tone began to change.

Every reporter following the story has been following in essence, two stories. Getting the children home, which is a popular theme, and then the darker agenda of "Getting" the FLDS men at any cost.

With Merriane the only child left under CPS suit, the focus has shifted, and Brooke says it herself now, for all to see. Right after the quoted part that I use in the above blog, she throws this in:

"That’s the next chapter of the story."

In other words, we're moving on from the human tragedy part, complete with screaming children and weeping mothers, and getting on to the "hang the rapists" part that they were always waiting for. America wants the children back, and America wants to hang the men, or at least, America has been told that to some extent.

The press, including Brooke Adams, haven't been changing on this story. They always wanted to see the FLDS men "get theirs." This ranges from blogger speculation that they'll be somebody's "Bitch" in prison, to the press ignoring the story of the evidence, which is the REAL story. If they followed the evidence story, the script of hanging dirty old men, might get thrown out.

If YFZ was invaded legally, the abuse of all that follows, if we don't stop these sorts of things, will make the abuses they seek to rectify, insignificantly small. History, if it remembers YFZ, if we don't stop this trend, might well look back someday and mark this as the watershed that sent our ship of state down into tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Here's the other big news from Brooke Adam's, another big leak in her blog:

"My cell phone rang at 7 a.m. on April 4. A good source asked: Have you heard the news? My first call was to Tribune photographer Trent Nelson: Get ready, I said. Two hours later, we were on a plane and I was hoping it wouldn’t be over by the time we got to Eldorado. At a layover in Dallas, I called Flora Jessop. She told me the wrong guy was named in the search warrant. What the . . .? I called another source who told me to call Dale Barlow’s probation officer. What the . . .? I passed all that back to the newsroom and got on another plane, headed for Midland."

What does this mean, "wrong guy ... in the search warrant." Did Flora tell LE this? When? How did Flora know? Who knew and when that the "wrong guy" was "in the warrant." Who was the "right" guy? Did Rozita read the "wrong" script handed to her by the schemers? Does Brooke know who these schemers are? Is she in on it?

The Pharisee said...

Well, I don't have to keep that secret anymore.

Carol said...

Brooke's statement is upsetting.
She called Flora who said the wrong guy named on the search warrant. How did Flora know and what name did Flora think should be on the warrant.
Another source told her to call D. Barlow's probation officer.
It appears EVERYONE knew this raid was a hoax. Why was it permitted to continue?
Why has this information not been made public until Brooke casually mentions it in her blog?

The Pharisee said...

Carol, I speculate of course, but in Brooke's mind, it doesn't matter what law was violated, if at the end of the journey, child molesters were apprehended. It would thus be the last thing on Brooke's mind to report on any story that would undermine the evidence now arrayed against the indicted FLDS men.