Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rozita is a Dope(r)?

420. Rozita Swinton declares herself a pothead. No really, I'm not kidding.
At her blog she pots in "honor of 4/20." Also from Wikipedia:
"A large celebration is held every year on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus, with attendance reaching more than 10,000 in 2008. University police have tried various methods to prevent the gathering, including photographing students participating in the event, but the crowd has grown every year."
A dope smoking LDS Lesbian runaway phony phone caller? How weird will this story get before it's over?

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artlover said...

I don't believe she said she smoked pot... just because she posts information about pot doesn't mean that she smokes it. I have posted blogs about similar subjects warning about it's effects and disadvantages. Stop being such a dumbass.

The Pharisee said...

Wanna lay bets?

The Pharisee said...

"artlover," just how many different ID's do you post under? EVERY time you post it leaves the same track that Rozita's computer does. Every. Time.

artlover said...

Everytime I post it leaves the same track as Rozita? That isn't true.
I am NOT Rozita, in fact I am white, and live in Illinois not Colorado. If your investigating skills were as good as you claim they are, you would know that. Since you cannot prove Rozita is in Colorado, assume that she is a pot smoker because of a blog, and are still thouroughly convinced that she is in fact the caller that you are searching for, your skills are far far worse that you think.

The Pharisee said...

Fine then, I'm wrong. But every time SHE looks at my blog, so do you. Perhaps you both follow my blog. I don't know. It's easy to prove me wrong and I'd welcome it because I could just cross another "possibility" off the list.

Trust me, you have similar writing patterns, and similar interests. Rozita, and me, because I'm interested in Rozita. Email me. I'll email you back my phone number, you can call. It'll settle this real quick and I'll call myself a "dumbass" publicly. Really, I do not care. When you look for someone who's hiding you don't usually go to the right spot right away.

smile said...

That sounds like Rozita, all right. I think you are right, Hugh.

artlover said...

I have reserved my right to remain anonymous by using this ID. I do not know how to prove beyond reasonable doubt that I am in fact not Rozita, but I don't give out my information to people I do not know.

I don't believe that Rozita and I have similar writing patterns, and I have many many interests that Rozita does not care for I'm sure and vise versa.

Also, I don't believe that she has ever commented on your blog. I guess that would be a reason for you to think that I am an esquisite alter ego, however, she has no need and I am not.

The Pharisee said...

art. I have an idea, post links to other places you have posted as "artlover." The Blogger ID number is unique to you, though there are other "artlovers" posting out there. The other posts will link back to your unique blogger ID.

artlover said...

I have only commented on three blogs including yours, but I haven't posted any blogs under this ID.

I follow your blog, mainly for Rozita's sake and would like to get my two cents in. However, since you do not allow anonymous comments, I provide you with this ID.

The Pharisee said...

Ok, you're telling me you're Rozita's friend art, something you didn't exactly own up to at first. I think you just claimed an interest in her.

Which other blogs did you post at?

artlover said...

I am Rozita's friend of sorts and yes, I admit, have an interest in her situation. I don't know why that matters or why it is something that I must "own up to".

Coram Non Judice, and another that I cannot remember are the two blogs that I have commented on other than yours.

The Pharisee said...

When you pretend that you don't know her, it's material art, I end up not trusting your because you're not telling the truth and I happen to pick up on it.

From that jumping off point, an interest in Rozita, a knowledge that you haven't been truthful, her history of pretending to be other people and documented use of alternate entities both online and on the phone, it ends up being a short step to assuming YOU are Rozita.

I know you're posting from Illinois or at least that it shows up that way. I also know that Rozita was in Idaho in November so I don't really know where she is. Illinois is as good a place as any.

Now, you expect me to believe that it wasn't her that made the calls and that I treat her unfairly. You want me to believe that someone who writes a freehand paean to pot and knows enough to hide it under the (snicker) "4/20" cover is not a user. You will forgive me if I think you're not objective.

WC said...

Rozita's been puffing the magic dragon, what a shock. Is it for treating her glaucoma, or her schizophrenia? Next thing you know, she will blame the calls on the pot.

artlover said...

First of all, I don't care whether you trust me or not.

Second, we are back to assuming. Pull your head out of your ass and stop assuming that everyone is Rozita. Your twisting things around in your head making it fit into a mold, when in all actuality, it doesn't fit at all.

I don't care where Rozita is, all I know is that I am in Illinois, so that is where my posts will say I am.

You have no proof that she made the calls and are, once again, assuming based on what could be false information. I'm not saying she did or didn't, truely I do not know. But I'm not going to go around calling her names and harassing her and her friends just because you THINK she did it. So, yes, I think you treat her unfairly.

Third, just because a person writes about pot and knows the meaning of 420 doesn't mean she smokes it. I have many friends who are pot heads and I am surely not. However, I still know the meaning behind 420 and use it in conversation. I also want my friends to know as much information about what they are smoking as they can so that I know they are not making an uneducated decision. Did you ever stop to think that maybe she is the same way?

The Pharisee said...

Speaking of where your head might be at, I find it hard to take seriously the insistence that I have no proof of Rozita making the phone calls.

At this point, unless she were to identify someone like Becky Hoerth, her roommate as making the calls, or to say she never got her phones back from CSPD, artlover, any rational person assumes she made the calls.

I for instance now accept that you are not rozita, since you have supplied me with truthful information that you do know her. Prior to that you spoke as someone who knew her, and cared about her and said you didn't. Forgive me if I correctly tagged that as a lie.

Not being able to trust what you said, all I could determine is that her postings regarding things on this blog, and her interest in it closely coincided with you LOOKING at it. In my mind you were a likely candidate for someone who was harboring Rozita now, or in the past. She has been gallivanting around the country and I have no idea how extensive her travels have been.

Maybe you should follow the "420" link this blog post. Maybe you should visit her blog and read her update. Maybe you should read the comments. If she's not a pothead, she wants us to believe that she is. She wants her "street cred" as a dope smoker.

Why you defend her irrationally when she is the only candidate for a the caller of last year I can't explain. You owe it more to yourself to explain that. I'm willing to accept her explanations for things but I haven't heard them. As it stands now, you are defending a woman who is arguably the single greatest child abuser in US history. Maybe evil is as mundane and as friendly as your pal, and you should wake up to that.

If you want a link to the Colorado Springs Police Department Affidavits and Warrant that documents that they are her phones, I'll be happy to provide that for you. What you'll find at the other in are CSPD/el Paso County PDF facsimiles of the actual warrants and affidavits.

Moonaroo said...

This comment isn't meant to be for or against Rozita. There are many people out there who smoke pot for recreational reasons, some go years between, does that make them potheads?

The Pharisee said...

It just so happens, as strange as it may seem, that I am for legalization.

The choices are death to dealers, and very harsh punishments up to and including death for users, or legalization.

I'm a libertarian so it's not hard to understand what my choice is in this case, but that doesn't mean I have to hide my contempt for dopers.