Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rozita's phone numbers appear to still work.

One year after the raid, after being used in several crimes, Rozita's tac phone numbers, still work.

I'm not really savvy on this sort of thing. Perhaps the companies that issue tac phones just keep the numbers and they ring to answering services until someone buys a phone using that number again.

But they appear to still work, but are just turned off right now.

The Pharisee and the vast widespread organization he uses to Find Out Things has discovered that Rozita's Kia Sephia was probably junked, around about the time she her car impounded when she used it in a crime.

But she still has "tac phones." Or does she? This is weird.

Work with me here. She get's her phones back. Prepaid cellular numbers some of which or all of which are not registered in her name, and were used in a crime.

Her car is junked.

What's UP with that?

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