Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Merrianne Jessop to continue role as sacrificial lamb

Apparently, everyone, the public included is willing to pretend the raid warrant was always for catching child molesters.
How quickly the mission statement changes, or is revealed to be what it always was. As part of the legal window dressing though, Texas needs to keep alive the idea that someone was being abused at YFZ. That's going to be Merrianne Jessop.
The Deseret News - "Family and Protective Services Commissioner Anne Heilingenstein said during a legislative hearing on Tuesday that Child Protective Services would seek permanent custody of the girl because efforts to reunite her with her parents have failed."
Remember, this is all coded CPS "Newspeak" that has words being used that sound as if an effort was made to get Merrianne back home, when in reality, the effort was to extort someone into testifying and to emotionally abuse the Jessops and Jeffs, both child and adult alike until someone "cooperates." If no one cooperates then Merrianne will never be returned.

She wouldn't be returned anyway since doubtless the things Texas wishes the Jessops to admit to would make Texas the monster, if they returned Merrianne. This is the classic kidnapping drama where you pay the ransom, or the child is killed (in this case kept). The problem is, the child will be kept if the Jessops cooperate, and even if they don't. This is where hoax caller Rozita Swinton comes into the story again.

Remember, the legal impact of releasing the last child, who had to be taken back in the first place, will be that Texas will have no pretext for the raid. As long as they pretend they can't "investigate" Ms. Swinton and as long keep Merrianne, there was an abuse, and there was a report of that abuse. No matter how ridiculous the rationalizations may get, Texas will hold onto both. The investigation of Rozita and the custody of Merrianne.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the adlitem witnesses say if it saves just one child it was all worth it? Well they got their one child. And when she ages out, lets ask her if it was worth it to be forced to live in multiple foster homes during her teen years. Perhaps she will sue; and there are plenty of grounds for that.