Tuesday, April 07, 2009

UPDATED - Rozita Loses It. Accuses Modern Pharisee of Herding Nerfs.

Pop goes the cork. (And you were doing so well at not giving me the time of day Rozita.) From her site: "I am writing this blog to anyone who visits my blog and the world." (UPDATE-Rozita went back into hiding like the little coward she is. There is no page in cache and she has blocked the blog to bots so this link no longer works and there is no place to direct a user for a copy of the page)
"It has been almost a year that I have been stalked and harassed by Hugh Mcbryde who supposedly lives in Burlington, VT who is originally from Montana. Due to his obsession with me I would like everyone to know that if anything happens to me to consider Hugh Mcbryde a suspect along with any other possible suspects at the time."
Round-round-round-round I get around...That would be born in Durham NC, moved to Lexington KY, from there to Kwangju (that's the way the spelled it back then) South Korea, Decatur Georgia, Seoul South Korea, Daytona Beach FL, Winter Park FL, Twin Falls ID, Helena MT, Fairfield MT, Kalispell MT, Butte MT, Belgrade MT, and now Vermont. I'm a Travelin' man. Rozita, I'm not obsessed with you, I'm furious that law enforcement will not investigate you. You instigated the largest case of Child Abuse in United States History, as far as I know, and you show no regrets whatsoever.
"I know very little about this man I will include what I do know just in case he needs to be located and Law enforcement have something to go on. He is a 55yr white scruffy looking male who has a website supposedly he is married (or wanna be.)"
I am married. "Scruffy Looking?" Next thing you know she'll call me a "Nerf Herder."
"I will not remain silent or a victim of his and others behavior. I have had racial comments and threats towards me from Hugh. I have never meet this man and his obsession has gone too far. Technology of the internet is growing so rapidly we have yet been able to keep up with laws to govern the internet and computer crimes unless it involves a minor. My advice to all is to be internet safe; DO NOT add friends you don’t know and do not open letters (postal service) from people you don’t know. Last but not least Do NOT be afraid to report individuals who are stalking you or people you may know."
Racial comments? Such as? My only racial observation is that Rozita makes a poor candidate for a member of the FLDS as I know none of them who are black. I have in fact, bemoaned their racism.

Bring it Rozita. I haven't done anything to you legally because I have no standing but if you come after me, I will have standing. Please. I'm BEGGING you. I'd love to get all tied up in a civil lawsuit with the biggest child molester in this country's history.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to get all tied up in a civil lawsuit with the biggest child molester in this country's history.

That would certainly make the news.

Kent said...

She is in her own little universe. Lets hope she stays there, after she testifies.

WC said...

Good work, Hugh.

Toes said...

She says "if anything happens to" her. Not "anything bad", not "anything good". Just anything.

Scruffy, it appears that from now on out, she will hold YOU personally responsible for anything and everything that happens "to" her.

It will all be Your Fault.

Maybe she will even apply The Fault retroactively.

The Pharisee said...

I confess, I put her up to it, to make my blog big. I have earned fabulous internet riches in the year that followed. $81.43. MY - PLAN - IS - WORKING!!!!!!

The Pharisee said...

I tell you what Rozita. Call Oprah. I'll go on the show with you and you can tell me all the horrible things I've done to you.

Maayan said...

omg, shes sooooooooo funny, I mean, she even thinks she is a princess,,, this is really incredible.. to see how your country can leave a nutty molester out there, to harm people, and do nothing.
she is really out of this world.
Are you sure there are no aliens out there?

We should send her some toys and do her a favour!!! PIP

The Pharisee said...

We're aliens, and that's how we roll.

Robert said...

She really thinks this is all about her. Can you say megalomaniacal? I bet you can.

She is dangerous, not just to others but to herself...

Moonaroo said...

OMG! I can't stand it! The race card is so over-used I can't take it anymore! Race has absolutely nothing to do with character or lack thereof, when will these people ever learn!

The Pharisee said...

Rozita was an Obama Delegate. No kidding. But since Obama made it, there is no such thing as racism.

TxBlogger said...

I know you're reading.
Consider facing the YFZ women and children you harmed and explaining why you made those calls.
And then apologize.
You are not a hero.

What were the results of the psych eval? Are you legally insane or just a nuisance to society?

Why did your attorney say, "There's a lot more to this than the public is getting. I think people would be surprised. Stay tuned,"?

Will the public ever know the truth or have you been given immunity by the Rangers for your role in the master plan?