Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go on, Guess. Who reads this blog?

I don't have sophisticated tools (can't afford them) so I rely on tools that are free, like Alexa. So, who reads this blog? 50 year old men wanting to find spare wives?
Though it is an inexact science, since some provide inaccurate information or some don't provide any at all, people who browse the web tell tales about themselves, and those that know how to manipulate date properly, can extrapolate to an approximation of who is cruising a site.

What are the Modern Pharisee's readers like?

They are young adult women, heavily overrepresented in the 18-34 age group. I should get more dates right?

Oh, maybe THIS will explain why not. They are browsing mostly from home, and have kids. This is again, a heavy overrepresntation. It seems some fella has already found them.

They don't have much in the way of a college education.

Trying to make a lot of assumptions about this audience is foolish, but I know from my days in radio, that if I was attracting that sort of demographic, I'd have a job for life.

What the Modern Pharisees readers are not. They are not kids, they are not old, they are not men. What are they? Mothers with children, at home.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they're single mothers and thinking this whole polygamy thing isn't such a bad idea after all.

The Pharisee said...

Could be, or that the kidnapping/injustice angle aimed against families is scary.

I can't say what they're thinking, but I can say who they are.

Moonaroo said...

I am a mom. I am married and older than than age-range that you mentioned. I work half-time and I have a post-graduate education. Maybe some other people will respond as such and you can get more information about who reads your blog.

I don't read it for the information on polygamy, good, bad, or in-between. I read it because you are a well-articulated thinker, even if your beliefs don't match mine.

Carol said...

Not this mother! Neither young nor with children at home.
I can name a few others who are viewing your blog in the same category who are reading your blog and the links from your page to various subjects.
Yes, we are all horrified at the kidnapping and injustice.

The Pharisee said...


I by no means intend to disparage a lack of higher education, or a higher education itself. The demographic I mention is the mode of the readers of this blog. In the extreme. It was a really big spike.

If I just had equal numbers of the 50+ men that I supposedly appeal to in some critics minds, I'd have a really successful blog. If I had also, equal numbers of the educated.....

....I think I could quit my job.

suzie said...

Married FLDS mother w/children; a couple of years of college and a little older than your average. You do write it out well and it's very interesting. I've actually worked off and on and would have the ability to figure it out on my own if I had to but I'm very grateful I have the opportunity to stay at home with my children.

Vulture said...

I am definitely outside of your demographic "sweet spot". Something about being male, 50, college dropout, only one wife... :)

Enjoyed the post.