Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matt Smith Saves Snail Darter!

Or, that might as well have been the headline. I contend the category of "abused by the FLDS" is a small set. Yes, members of the FLDS abuse people, and I'm sure, as an organization, they've made their share (ok, maybe LESS than their share) of mistakes that constitute abuse.
Let's face it, if you make a mistake involving another person, there is some level of abuse.
The Kingman Daily Miner - KINGMAN - "Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard awarded Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith Wednesday with the Distinguished Service Award for Leadership.

Smith earned the award for his work with victims of abuse from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."
This is really a "slow news day" smear. Since this whole nasty business started, I've never seen such a short list of "fresh" stories on the FLDS. One of my search routines is to only search the last 24 hours, and if I could, I'd search a shorter time frame, like the last 12 or the last 4 hours. It brings the new stuff to the top quickly.

It's a smear because in the dearth of news, the Arizona AG plunks out an "award" for Matt Smith, who is fighting a losing battle against Warren Jeffs and his attorneys before Judge Steven Conn. It is designed purely to put the phrase "Victims of Abuse from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Believe me, no one will remember that Matt Smith got that award, but in another instance of Jury Pool Poisoning, the word is read, and heard. That word being that the FLDS abuses. Thus the sound bite, the spin is FLDS=Abuse even though there are probably less real instances of abuse in the FLDS community, than in the population at large, by a significant margin.

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