Saturday, April 04, 2009

Forecasting Vermont S-115, supporters in State House to Come out of Closet

We don't know what the behind the scenes transactions are, but at least one Vermont Republican thinks there will be 6 more votes added to the total of 94 votes in favor of Gay "Marriage" that will overcome a "for show" veto by Governor Douglas.
UPI - "Rep. Joseph L. Krawczyk Jr., a Bennington Republican who voted against the bill, said its supporters likely will find the necessary votes to override a veto."
Which means certain nervous legislators that are now telling "Traditional" marriage supporters they won't vote for S-115, will.

It is of course, not over until it's over but it looks like Joe Knows something. As always, I remain divided on the bill. I cannot of course support "traditional" marriage as formulated by it's supporters. To me, it's not really traditional. I cannot support the notion that the state defines marriage in any way shape or form and thus don't think Gays will be able to marry despite what the state says at the end of this abominable process.

Nevertheless I am mindful of the fact that we are one court case or legislative act away from accepting true traditional marriage as marriage. If the word "two" goes out the window in Vermont's law at some point in the future, it works for me.

One of two scenarios will occur. A polygamist of some stripe will sue to have their marriage recognized. I'm betting on a "polyandry" myself. Gays in Vermont have led with Lesbian "couples" as that seems somehow to take the edge off the whole business. Statistically there are more male homosexuals, but Lesbians have a more "poster child" quality to them.

Another scenario is that a bisexual trio or group will sue to be able to marry. The latter will plead sexual preference and point out quite correctly that if gays wish to have their marriages arrangements defer to their sexual orientation, there can be no barrier to a bisexual wishing to have his or her preferences/orientations "sanctified" by the state as well.

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