Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living in the Past, and finding nuggets there.

I said the following on January 11th in a comment on one of my posts in which I interacted with a poster who sometimes seems as if he or she knows (or is) Rozita:
"David Doran knows that in fact the details of the compound are only possessed by those who have been there. This means that he, being one of the few that are not FLDS that set foot into YFZ, fed the information to someone. This means he knows that intimate details of the layout of YFZ are known to others, and he knows who they are, they could include Rozita Swinton, or someone who passed that information to her."
That was the third of several "possibilities" that I gave for how David Doran was so sure that Rozita, when calling the ranch, was using "Genuine Eldorado Facts" known only secretly to YFZ members, and of course him.

And of course whoever he told.

Which of course, he had to know.

Which meant he lied.

We now know that Rozita was coached by Newbridge Operator Jessica Carroll.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Jessica Carroll) did an Internet search for the words 'Barlow' and 'FLDS' and found a story about Barlow's conviction in Arizona on charges related to an underage marriage. She then asked the caller if that was her husband and the caller said yes, adding he had gone 'away for a while' but was 'expected back.' "
Ranger Long has standing orders to call if there is a call from the Ranch? David Doran, Ranger Long, Jessica Carroll? Theory three?

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