Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm 105,061st. Flirting with a milestone again...

Yeah, yeah, looks like bragging or narcissism but there's a point.
For those of you that follow this blog, primarily because of it's stances on religious freedom, the YFZ invasion and it's pro polygyny stance, it's a good thing that more people read this blog.

According to the commonly available "Alexa" rank, provided by "Amazon," the Modern Pharisee is averaging a worldwide rank in the top 400,000 this last week (398,663rd). I'm almost in the top 100,000 in the United States for the first time. That will be a first.

That's important. The more attention I attract, the better airing our mutual causes get in the public eye. The better the chance for legalized polygamy. Remember that if legalized polygamy had been the law of the land two years ago, no one would have cared about Yearning for Zion and their prophet would doubtless be a free man. As it is, we have mindless government destroying hundreds of lives and law being used to justify vendettas.

As long as I breath people, unless plain reason or scripture convinces me otherwise.

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1 comment:

yutthehay said...

Long live the Modern Pharisee! And may you have life and breath as long as you can or want!