Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What if YFZ had never happened?

It falls repeatedly on deaf ears, but I'll try it again. If the men of YFZ who are under indictment had been monogamists, they wouldn't be charged right now.
"Pedophilia is ILLEGAL you shout," to which I repeatedly reply "Yes it is!" And then go on to point out to the screaming opponent with their hands over their ears that they don't know what pedophilia is.

The simple fact of the matter is that Willie Jessop was right. A three year old can get married in Texas. In his testimony before the Texas Legislative committee, Willie also asked the question if any of the Representatives before him knew what the youngest age was for a person getting married in Texas. None of them knew. So Willie answered for them. His answer was a bit of a construction, but the point was simple. A three year old can form the words in his or her mouth that amount to a request to be married. They can possibly write them down and mail them to the court. The judge needs no more of a request than that, to rule in favor of a request to be married. That's a fact. Thus a 13 year old can marry in Texas. What she or he cannot do, is marry someone who already is married. Sex with a person who has been married is not pedophilia.

So we arrive at another point I continue to make. An older man or woman may enter into a monogamy with a minor. It is legal to do so. The resulting expected sexual relationship is then not pedophilia. A monogamist can therefore do, what a polygynist may not. They may marry a young person for the purposes of having relations with them. Because polygamy is illegal, a polygynist may not do so. Since they already have a wife, they are barred from such a legal relationship with the object of their affections. Oddly though, you can have an affair with a 13 year old, thus encouraging immorality, if that 13 year old is or has been married. Texas does, to this day, marry 14 year old girls legally. Once that is accomplished, she is no longer an object of a pedophile crime.

So, back to the original point. What if YFZ had never happened? It would never have happened if polygamy was legal and if the members of YFZ had taken the legal step of certifying their marriage to the satisfaction of Texas. Because polygamy is illegal though, they are under arrest for a felony. Texas was loathe to prosecute them for their polygamy alone, but happy to do so when there were younger brides involved. So the point is, make it legal and I'm no longer COMPLAINING that it should be legal, I'm doing something about it. Vermont Polygamy is now real. I'm a registered lobbyist with the state of Vermont. I filed the paperwork. They cashed my check. I'm on their website.

This will be expensive, but not nearly as expensive as having your familes broken up and your husbands dragged into court. It will not be as trying as having all your stuff broken into by SWAT teams with guns and axes. I daresay I can get the job done for a lot less than the $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 that Texas alone on it's side of the YFZ fiasco has spent trying to "get" those dirty rotten dozen dudes.

If this had happened 2 years ago. No YFZ. Or at least we could tell the folks at YFZ it's their own fault for not insulating themselves against attack. If Merrianne Jessop were legally wed to Warren Jeffs she wouldn't be state custody now. If polygamy was legal in 2007, Allen Steed probably isn't charged with rape, and Warren isn't successfully convicted as an accomplice.

If you want to come out of the closet and challenge your churches to accept you. Work with me, make it legal. If you don't want to be carted off in a squad car and have your life destroyed, work with me, make it legal. Vermont needs to have one word removed from it's current marriage law for polygamy to be legal. Let's get the job done, either by court challenged or legislative act. Come here, get married, go back to where you came from, free from the worry of attack.

Email me if you want to send a check, hughmcbryde@gmail.com. Hit the Pay Pal button if you want to donate electronically. I am deadly serious. We can do this. I'm the guy. Get off the fence. Stop whining. Let's do something. I am an official lobbyist in the state of Vermont. To my knowledge there is no one else in a position to get this done faster than I am and we are, right here, right now.

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