Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Has anyone read their Rudyard Kipling?

Jenny Hoff comes to see what Grits did, and what I saw too. The problem with the raid? CPS says "we didn't have enough power."

If you want a translation of what Anne Heilingenstein says in this report, it is "Had we been able to do the impossible, there would have been no damage." What Anne wishes could have been done was the imaginary painless surgical removal of the children she thinks were abused. It would have been OK that way. Yeah Anne, If I had wings. If I had a million dollars. If I were the Queen of England.

It is with good reason that some say "If" is the biggest word in the English Language.

KXAN predictably shows Willie Jessop's most uncomfortable moment, but not the blow up of threatening to "come to blows" issued by a member of the panel.

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ztgstmv said...

Oh, no big deal. Let's just give CPS the power to take kids without proving imminent danger or making reasonable efforts to avoid it. No big deal, right?

Is the public this braindead? Letting these dumbass broads at CPS make decisions about whether to remove your child tonight? Wake the F up people!

Carol said...

"Princess" has announced on her blog "April is Child Abuse Awareness Month."
I hope she gives this month much thought.

Carol said...

ztgstmv, CPS seems to have the power now to take kids without proving imminent danger.
It is going to become much worse. As long as Texas has a gov. who applauds these actions, no one is safe.
Even after hearing Susan Hayes and Ms. Ward dispute the lies from CPS, Malonis sits and tells the same old ones.
There must be federal intervention to keep these children safe. OR, would the feds simply approve the state?
I have this awful feeling another raid is in the planning with these new laws. As Heiligenstein said, the mothers will not be with the children this time.

The Pharisee said...

Carol, I put in a comment on that post at "Princess" where I said "you're the biggest child abuser that I know of" and of course, she did not publish it, but shortly after NOT publishing it, she closed the post to comments.

Thomas said...

Pharisee, I said about the same tning. I also said that her post was ironic.

Silver Rose said...

In case no one has noticed... Drudge has been carrying a headline for 2 days now that Texas is saying it is Sovereign from the US and using the 10th Ammedndment to the United States Constitution prove it.

Perry says "I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state.”

Well, shoot! I didn't know the US government was anywhere as near as intrusive into my life as CPS & Texas has been into the lives of the FLDS. No US gov't. official has barged into my home with guns and kidnapped my children and stolen my personal documents, photo albums, etc.

I believe this new legislation is in preparation should the FLDS take this illegality of the raid to the Supreme Court. Perry is laying the groundwork to say that his state does not have to bow to the Federal Government or Supreme Court rulings.

I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that the FLDS leave TX before this legislation is passed or there will be NO getting their children back 'next time' whether 'next time' is the next day, week, or month after this 'legislation' is passed.

Let Texas have it's sovereignty - they have always been arrogant. They may feel that because they are rich, they do not need the support of the US government - so let them wing it and see how they do. I doubt even Mexico wants them back.