Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Texas is the Nascent Dictatorship, learning to walk.

Grits for Breakfast has an excellent post. We are on the verge of utter chattel slavery that I don't think even Scott sees. The solution to the abuses of CPS, as proposed by Harvey Hildebran, is simply to make the abuses of CPS, not abuses. I told you, you must be a friend of the FLDS in this matter, because to oppose them establishes a precedent that you cannot live with as parents.
"The bill also eliminates a requirement that CPS - when seizing children without a court order - make 'reasonable efforts ... with respect to preventing or eliminating the need to remove a child from the child's home or to make it possible to return a child to the child's home.' Under Hildebran's proposed language, 'the court may find that based on the circumstances no reasonable efforts would prevent or eliminate the need to remove a child and that the department satisfied the requirements ... even though the department made no efforts to prevent or eliminate the need to remove a child.' That essentially guts the requirement that CPS make a good faith effort to keep families together."
This is a stunning display of legislative arrogance and budding totalitarianism. If they can take your child, and keep your child on a rumor, they own you. Outright. You are no more than slaves.

It's not right for me to analyze the entire article. I will stop at this quote and the above observation. Go read the rest.

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von said...

Did you read this:

April 13, 2009

Texas--Calls Needed to Support CPS Reform Bill

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

The Texas legislature has introduced a bill that is now in the Human
Services Committee, which would provide further protections of
parents' rights during a CPS investigation.

These changes include:

> Requires parental consent or court order for
medical/psychological/psychiatric examinations of the child.
> Requires the department to audio record all reports of abuse and
> Requires the department to record and maintain all interviews and
documents pertaining to an investigation, including original notes.
> Requires the department to make written reports about a case and
make those reports, as well as audio recordings, available to the
person under investigation.
> Requires that if the custody of the child is taken away from the
parents, the child must go to a person the parents/legal guardian
designate on the child placement resources form.
> If the child has been taken away but is still breastfeeding, the
mother is allowed frequent visits to continue breastfeeding the child,
unless the mother is found by the court not fit for these visits.