Friday, April 03, 2009

Iowa Goes Gay, Douglas will veto in Vermont.

While Vermont is going about it the legislative way, Iowa jumps around the voters, and does it through the courts.
CNN - "Iowa will become the third state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage, after Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Not everyone was pleased.

'It's, quite frankly, a disaster,' said Brian English, a spokesman for the Iowa Family Policy Center, a nonprofit research and educational organization committed to strengthening the family.

'Obviously, we're extremely disappointed,' he said. 'We're saddened. Perhaps a little bit surprised in the unanimous decision that the court handed down.'

English, who said opponents of gay marriage prayed outside the courthouse Friday as they awaited the court's decision, already has begun lobbying the legislature for an Iowa Marriage Amendment.

'It (the proposed amendment) will be very brief. It will reaffirm in the state constitution that marriage is the union of one man and one woman,' he said. 'We're beginning the next step in the process.'

A spokesman for One Iowa, which supports gay and lesbian equality, said the earliest the issue could get on a ballot would be 2012."
That's along way off and quite a few people will doubtless "marry" in Iowa, making it the heartland's first to attempt to redefine marriage through the courts. Yet we continue to persecute polygynists. Just as we have no stomach for protracted war, for whatever the cause, the American voter has no stomach for fighting Gay "Marriage." Eventually the fact that their lives don't change much in the short term will lead the myopic electorate to say that it doesn't affect them, so it doesn't matter, and shut the religious right up by passing a law, or not passing their amendment. Oh, the inevitability of decay.

Meanwhile in Vermont, the house has fallen (so far) five votes short of being able to override a Governor Douglas veto. It's all so much theatre though. Just as the Senate intially seemed to resist cloture and stopping the bailout, they eventually gave in. Expect that the remaining five votes will be found somewhere with legislators pleading with Governor Douglas behind the scene to let the law pass without veto, so they can keep their quiet support for the bill, quiet.
Reuters - "Lawmakers in the Democratic-led House voted 95-52 in support of the measure, which had already passed the state Senate by a 26-4 vote. Advocates were five votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto.

The bill, which faces a largely procedural vote (today) before heading to the desk of Republican Governor Jim Douglas, would have made Vermont the third U.S. state, after Connecticut and Massachusetts, to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. California briefly recognized gay marriage until voters banned it in a referendum last year.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire and Maine are also considering bills to allow gay marriage, putting New England at the heart of a divisive national debate over the issue."
It's coming, and it's coming in a landslide while opportunistic gay rights activists put on the full court press believing this is the best time to entrench such practices, while there is a liberal Washington.

I've been warning Christendom about this now for years. It is best to take the legislative path, and get what you can get in exchange for this inevitability. What we can get, is protection for our forms of marriage. Otherwise, we will merely be defeated and marginalized.

Vermont, if it overrides a Douglas veto, is one word and one court case away, from legal polygamy.

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