Tuesday, April 14, 2009

UPDATED Willie is testifying. Physically THREATENED by Texas representative.

It is getting ugly, one representative (Hildebran, I think) Drew Darby suggested they would "Come to blows." Willie has made the interesting assertion that he has doubtless researched, that the youngest age allowable for marriage with judicial consent in Texas is THREE. The next witness, Judge Scott McCowan confirmed this is so. That seemed to shut things down, as no one on the panel knew that. The chairman is apparently declaring that he doesn't believe that Willie doesn't know certain facts, but they're asking him for hearsay. They have decided to swear Willie in. Willie is being confronted with the well known pictures of Warren Jeffs with Merrianne Jessop. Here's the link.
Texas. Stream 7. Willie was asked if he knows of underage marriage and he said he doesn't live there.

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Anonymous said...

So... in a court of law, or I guess in this case before the Texas House of Representives... when they ask you "do you swear/affirm to tell the truth" etc., what happens if you say "No"?

Isn't the purpose to bind you under a contract that you will tell the truth? Up until that point, it's not perjury, right? What legal force compels a person to answer that question with a "Yes", especially if you don't really want to be there anyway? Just curious.

Jeanann said...

well, the flds was invited to testify and will seems to have been their choice, therefore he must really want to be there. he wasn't subpoenaed. he seems to have come of his own free will.

The Pharisee said...

Yes, but is it within the decorum of an "august" body like the Texas legislature or one of it's standing committees for a member to suggest they would "come to blows" over the description Willie gave of a county facility as being a "barn?" Someone has a very short fuse, and it's not Willie.

Jeanann said...

i wasn't responding to anything other than benjamin saying willie didn't want to be there anyway.

when did the testimony end?

The Pharisee said...

I'm not entirely sure Jeanann. I came home and played with the hopeless mess that is my taxes, ate dinner and had some success with the dishes. I missed the end of the testimony. I'm relying on what others chose to record on venues like You Tube.

Jeanann said...


the first link is the link from today. it ended at 8:08pm.

Jeanann said...

the "come to blows" statement by darby is at the 2 hour 54ish minute mark of the testimony and darby had finally had enough of willie calling the san angelo colliseum a "hay stable".

The Pharisee said...

Thanks for the correction!

Jeanann said...

i'm not disputing the age three thing, but i can find nothing that allows a 3 year old to get married with parental consent. if they are under 16 they have to have parental/judicial consent.

TxBlogger said...

the "come to blows" statement by darby is at the 2 hour 54ish minute mark of the testimony and darby had finally had enough of willie calling the san angelo colliseum a "hay stable".Willie calls the coliseum a stable and is threatened with violence.

Darby etal refers to the ranch as a COMPOUND of pedophiles and Willie gifts them with a bottle of Compound Dressing.

Why the same boring questions? Over and over? Does Rose consider himself judge and jury? Did he consider Willie to be on trial? Idiots.

Speaking of perjury... has CPS determined that MJ was literally sexually abused, or are they exaggerating the so-called "marriage" to WJ to be sexually abusive?
Why will CPS keep her? Her alleged husband is in prison. What is the future risk to her?

The Pharisee said...

They're not really questions, they rarely are at this level. They are a statement of belief. Texas is just getting it's official position on the record.

What's dangerous for all of us is that it is predictive of their next move. They're probably going to give those sweeping new powers to CPS.

If CPS too easily violates the law? Just make everything they do, legal.