Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Googling up a Crime to fit the order? I'm sorry Flora, I guess you didn't coach Rozita

This should be HUGE, but will it be? Dale Evans Barlow challenges the evidence on behalf of those under indictment in Texas.
The Salt Lake Tribune - "The motion says the caller refused to give shelter workers who spoke with her a last name, address or location in Eldorado, or contact telephone number and her cell phone number was blocked. She also refused to give her alleged husband's first name.

One shelter worker who took her calls did an Internet search for the words 'Barlow' and 'FLDS' and found a story about Barlow's conviction in Arizona on charges related to an underage marriage. She then asked the caller if that was her husband and the caller said yes, adding he had gone 'away for a while' but was 'expected back.'

However, in a sworn affidavit used for the first search warrant, Texas Ranger Brooks Long said Barlow was at the ranch, the motion says. Brooks also failed to disclose he had confirmed with an Arizona deputy sheriff that Barlow needed permission to leave Arizona as a condition of his probation."
Now this is the Rozita I know, and I humbly submit that after having interacted with her in the stilted dysfunctional way that we have, I know her better than anyone in the media. I can believe Rozita stumbled around providing inadequate information because she didn't known enough to do anything other than say "FLDS," or "YFZ" or "Eldorado." But that's OK, because Newbridge filled in the blanks for her. So there we have it, the witness was coached.

There's also an alarm bell ringing in the back of my head that says Newbridge had received special instructions about what to do if a call from YFZ came in. Check out this out:
Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart - "They had their instructions: Upon first notice of a call from the YFZ Ranch, call Sheriff Doran's office.

And from Sheriff Doran's office, the other agencies were notified, and the plan was taken off the shelf and rolled into action.

Did they put an emergency trace on the NewBridge phone lines, and wait for more calls?

Did Sheriff Doran or Ranger Long hang around the NewBridge Shelter and coach the next conversations?"
They didn't have to, they had coached the workers, and they coached Rozita.

Furthermore, another thing your Modern Pharisee pointed out exactly a year ago, was that it was easy to check up on an emergency room visit fitting the description of "Sarah." Ranger Long calls, but there was no such visit to the emergency room.
"(Ranger Brooks) Long also 'failed to even make a single telephone call to corroborate or verify this caller's information' and, despite checking, was unable to verify her claim of recent treatment at the Schleicher County Medical Center, the motion says."
This screams bad faith.
"After being told no 'Sarah Barlow' existed, officers asked to interview all females between the ages of seven and 17 and were granted access to the ranch. That showed their intent not to 'seek evidence of a special crime' but to 'check evidence of any crime against the children present,' the motion states.

After three days of searching, there was still no sign of 'Sarah Barlow,' the motion states.

'It is clear that the authorities used a hoax phone call as an excuse for staging a massively intrusive raid upon a disfavored religious group,' it says."
NOW, we are getting somewhere.
"The sect's motion alleges law officers various misrepresentations or fact omissions in requesting search warrants used to enter the ranch and specific buildings, such as a temple, after receiving reports of alleged abuse. It also contends the search violated the mens' constitutional rights, the Texas' Religious Freedom Act and the Federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act."
This is going to send me back to do serious research on what happened a year ago. Updates to follow. There is a similar story in the Deseret News. Brooke Adams also blogs on this at the Plural Life. The question is, NOW will the press get on the conspiracy/set up/bad warrant aspect of the story?

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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the mothers of the 7 year old girls who were interviewed late into the night, pipe up and ask the begging question, "Why?!"

Sarah Barlow was not seven years old. Why are they checking out 7 year olds? Did they not realize they need a warrant to intervene in not just the broad ranch, but inside each and every home therein? What exactly made the mother of a given seven year old an automatic suspect? WHAT??

Carol said...

The internet search for "Barlow/FLDS" is what threw Flora's plans off!
But who was telling her the name on the warrant? Her old friend Long?
Whose name was supposed to be on the warrant? Who did Flora hate enough?
This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. The FLDS are contantly being accused of lying, it appears the liars are about to be named and they are not FLDS.

TxBlogger said...

Did they also lie about the calls being "blocked"? When did Long acquire the phone number? The same number used to call Flora and the Wa Center, according to Thrumston's affadivit.

From Long's Affidavit:
Said suspected place and premises are in charge of and controlled by the following persons:....Dale Barlow dob 11/6/1957....When he knew DB wasn't there. And states later in the affidavit:
Affiant confirmed through Schleicher County Sheriff David Doran, that DEB was arrested.... on or about 7/11/2005. Affiant (LONG) obtained a copy of a judgement via the SC of the State of Arizona, Co of Mohave where DEB was placed on probation for a period of three years... and the probation period to begin on 8/17/07.

It is the belief of Affiant that there is at said suspected place and premises the following perons:
1) a child victim.....namely: a child known as SARAH JESSOP, or SARAH BARLOW, hereafter referred to as SARAH JESSOP...
2) a child of SARAH JESSOP
3) a person who has committed the alleged criminal offense, namely: DALE BARLOW
Where'd he (or Jessica Carrol) get the last name Jessop for SARAH? Flora? Just another common FLDS name used to cover the bases?

Did Jessica Carroll also provide the birthdate for "Sarah"? They don't record calls, and I believe I read that hand written notes are shreaded. Where's the evidence of anything associated with the calls?

Re: Flora
Which is to say that the system "worked," in Miss Jessop's view, because it brought about what she considered to be a desirable result -- the armed invasion of the YFZ Ranch, and the seizure of children from their parents by force -- irrespective of the truth. In fact, Jessop's statements on the record indicate that she considered the truth to be inconsequential.In a conversation with the Arizona Republic, Jessop insisted that (in the words of the paper's paraphrase) "the calls in Texas had a good outcome, even if they were fraudulent, because they prompted police to raid the FLDS ranch."

In fact, she considered it necessary to continue the deception long after it was clear that the calls were phony, and even after the raid and child-grab were underway. Explains the Republic: "Jessop said she had to maintain the pretense that her caller was real so that Texas police could continue investigating."

"At that point," Jessop observes, "I was working with authorities and trying to keep contact with her."

The Pharisee said...

If Scooter Libby can go to jail for lying to a Grand Jury in the course of investigating a crime that turned out not to have occurred, then someone ought to be going to jail HERE, for consciously lying in the course of committing an actual crime.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Flora did coach Rozita Swinton if not at first then eventually. How else could you explain Flora calling Brooke 8AM April 4th saying they had the wrong guy on the warrant? Obviously she had a stake in the plan, some plan, and that plan appeared to be going wrong.

Pliggy said...

"I'm sorry Flora, I guess you didn't coach Rozita"You would be mistaken to give that apology. Flora would say "I suckered Hugh too!"

Remember Brooke said:
" I called Flora Jessop. She told me the wrong guy was named in the search warrant. What the . . .? "Just because she got the wrong name (due to forgetting what Flora told her) does not preclude the fact that Flora gave her most of her information. Or maybe it was Becky Wall, perhaps both...

The Pharisee said...

Well, what I meant was "I guess you didn't coach her first." The headline is hyperbole. I still think Flora stinks and is in it up to her neck though it now seems she may not be in it up to her chin.

The motion makes it clear that the initial details that made Rozita "Credible" came from being fed details by over ambitious nitwit women at the shelter and calls into question any report we receive from these people with an aggressive militant agenda.

Yes, I said NITWIT WOMEN and I left it there and I thought about it, and I'm sticking by it.

That would be NITWIT women which leaves out the women who are NOT nitwits.