Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Warning Teresa Steed. Patrick Crimmins is an effortless liar, don't believe him.

Texas is saying that it's no longer interested in DNA from Teresa Steed's child, and that it's "dropped the matter." This is one of those times I am tempted to employ an epithet, having had Patrick Crimmins lie persuasively and effortlessly to my face.
"Texas authorities confirmed to the Deseret News that (Teresa Steed) did not appear at a hearing scheduled Tuesday in San Antonio. Texas Child Protective Services spokesman Patrick Crimmins said that the girl was unable to be served, so they dropped the matter.

'We did inform the judge about our continued concern for the safety of (Teresa's) baby and that if she or the baby were located, we would come back to court if needed,' Crimmins said in an e-mail to the Deseret News on Wednesday.

(Teresa), whom CPS alleges was married to a 40-year-old man at age 14, has been defiant throughout the child custody proceedings. She gave birth to a child just after CPS returned all 439 children last year. She consistently refused to tell the judge over the custody case where her baby was, putting her at risk for contempt of court. At one point, CPS accused her of switching babies to avoid a DNA test and the agency demanded that she undergo a psychological evaluation.

That apparently never happened. At the same time the agency dropped the girl from court oversight, it also filed a court motion in San Antonio seeking a DNA test for her baby and some oversight over her to monitor her parenting skills."
I don't think that Teresa or those surrounding her believe Patrick in actuality. I'm just letting the rest of you know that the only way we can ever find out if they are trustworthy in this specific matter, would be for Teresa to believe Patrick Crimmins and CPS. If she did, and put her trust in their words, they would snatch her child for a bare minimum of the DNA test so quickly you would hear the sonic booms on the other side of the planet.

Hat tip to Biblical or Christian Polygamy.

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