Monday, April 06, 2009

Governor Douglas Vetos Vermont Gay "Marriage" Bill

Setting up an override showdown tomorrow morning, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas exercised his constitutional power to kill SB-115.
More at "Vermont Freedom to Marry"

This sets the stage for an override vote. Here is the "Green Mountain Daily's" take on the fight:
"If the pro-equality Republicans hold - and that is a big if (when it comes to Republicans, I am generally highly cynical these days... hopefully I'll be proven wrong), given that Rep. Westman joined their number, that would leave pro-equality 4 votes short, assuming everyone is there (and I'm still hopeful that some of the no-voting Dems will get the - ah - blue flu).

One vote, as has been pointed out already, could come from the Speaker. And the other three may already have lined up. It's already out there that no-voting Democratic Representatives Sonny Audette (South Burlington) and Debbie Evans (Essex) are indicating they will vote for the override as a matter of respect for the process, if not a change of heart on the bill itself. Word from the Statehouse is that Representative Bob South (St. Johnsbury) may be the 4th vote that puts the override over. No word on the other no votes - including Winooski's two Democratic Representatives, who could well find themselves primaried from their intransigence on this issue."
Earlier last week, Bennington Republican Rep. Joseph L. Krawczyk Jr. was singing the opposite tune.

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