Friday, November 07, 2008

"As Time Goes By," Further Evidence of Internal Conflict at CPS

The fact that Charles Childress quit and the nonsuits stopped should instruct. Childress hinted at internal friction by stating he "couldn't say anything" about his resignation. It's now been more than ten days and I've been informed some sort of definitive report is due in the approximate time frame of Next Friday, or soon thereafter. Figure Next Friday.

Patrick Crimmins demured, sometimes showing a bit of irritation when I called him earlier this week, and referred me to Jerry Strickland at the Attorney General's office when I asked about the demographic crossection of the remaining children. Jerry Strickland of course, has not returned my phone calls and emails.

More and more the recent developements look like a circle the wagons event. They're down to their last few bullets, and those may be duds. I'll be on the phone and on Jerry's cell phone, which I have, beginning Monday. I urge the media to ask who among the 37 remaining children is pregnant (almost certainly a zero). Who among them HAS been pregnant (also, almost certainly, a zero). Who among the remaining 37 are girls 12 and over?

Again, not to be a broken record, but the thrust of these questions is to sharply focus the media and public on the FACT that Texas lied when fabricating cause for their second warrant.

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