Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flora gets deposed, over Rozita

FLDS attorneys representing Warren Jeffs will be deposing Flora Jessops regarding Rozita Swinton. Good news. If there is anything to discover, let's start discovering;

The Salt Lake Tribune - "Attorney Michael Piccarreta will depose Flora Jessop on Monday and has asked her to bring any recordings of phone calls with Rozita Swinton, law enforcement in Arizona and Texas and child welfare officials in the two states. The summons asks Jessop for any recordings of telephone calls made between March 22 and April 16."

This is very good. Depose. Under oath. Perjury if you lie. I like it. This is one of those big moves that put people on the spot. I don't understand though why phone records were not asked for between Flora and Rozita dating back to the time when she began to make crank phone calls. Probably nothing happens before March of this year, but what if there was a phone call between them? Before that. Inquiring minds would really want to know.

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ztgstmv said...

If I were the deposer, I would inform Flora that I plan to interview Rozita as well, along with any other names that may surface, and will cross check the stories.

Before long, I hope we will find out who told Rozita about the toys they were handing out at the colliseum and when. Who was providing Rozita the inside scoop. I would try to monitor any communications to and from Rozita's therapy location right now. Her colluders have got to be trying to get her story straight.

As Foley, Swinton's attorney, said "There's a lot more to this than the public is getting. I think people would be surprised. Stay tuned."

kbp said...

I would allow her to tell her tale anyway she wanted WITHOUT having records available to refresh her memory.

The records are not going away and this is not a cross examination to discredit the witness.

If she is called to testify in the trial or at a hearing, her testimony in the deposition restricts where she could go making up a new story and the records could be helpful then to discredit her, if needed.