Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama claims not to know his Aunti was here, or here illegally.

You want this clueless clown running things? Or is he just a lying sack?

MSNBC - WASHINGTON - "Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Saturday he didn't know that one of his relatives was living in the United States illegally and believes the appropriate laws should be followed."

What's more important for a man Barack? Family or the presidency? You'll abandon your Aunti Zeituni whose shoulders you stand on for one of your self praising books?

You didn't know she was HERE or you didn't know she was here ILLEGALLY? What a lawyer. If Barack cites his presidential campaign as an example of how he can run things, what does this say?

Or he's just lying.

What about your brother GEORGE, Barack? Do you actually CARE about anyone outside yourself? Faithful in a little, faithful in much. Barack doesn't deserve a chance to help us do better, when he can't himself.

None of this looks good.

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