Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coleman - Franken Senate Race Recount

It seems enough attention has been directed to the Al Franken, Norm Coleman Minnesota Recount that I could possibly hope to be the one to bring anything new to the table. To that end, I have included "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" on my blogroll, and would point you to this site; "Election Reporting," for recount news every evening. It's updated every evening shortly after 8:00 pm (Central Time).

Norm is the certified winner of the race. Minnesota law requires a recount when the race is as tight as it was. That recount proceeds. Even if the original margin of 7oo + votes were still the certified margin of victory for Coleman, Minnesota law would required a recount. Except for about 540 questionable votes "found" for Franken shortly after the election, all is as it should be. There will continue to be flurries of court action around ineligble/eligible absentee ballots that Franken says should be counted, and Norm says didn't come into the precincts for counting in a legal fashion. So far Minnesota elections officials agree with Coleman that they should not be counted. If the margin of victory is ultimately smaller for Coleman than the number of "uncounted ballots," look for there to be a huge blow up over counting them. Even if they didn't show up on time or have disqualifying irregularites.

This article by MDE shows how Dems are insulting their own to gain acceptance for the idea that improperly marked ballots would swing for Franken.

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