Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Comparing FLDS women with the women outside

By today's "sexed up" standards, the women of the FLDS hardly look sexy. They do have a bit of a feminine allure with their long "french braids" which most men tend to see as attractive (the long hair that is). Other than that they dress in all too similar "unflattering" prairie dresses. Their beauty though, leaks out at the strangest times. I am reminded of Warren's daughter Teresa Jeffs (not Teresa Steed) who was captured in playful bliss, several times in a tree where she also appeared alternately brooding and pensive. She was also captured floating above the earth having bounced on a trampoline, her hand chastely controlling her flaring skirt, giving us insight into the Victorian thrill of a "well turned ankle." Teresa's head is turned away from the camera revealing her flaming red hair. She was (and is) a thing of beauty.

Now contrast the women in this photograph from Trent's blog "Fly on the wall."

But wait, there's more,

I am not slender, neither is my wife. I am sure there are some portly FLDS men and women. Willie Jessop cuts a wide swath if you know what I mean. But all in all what would your desire focus on as a man in this "Theatre of the Real?"

Let's be frank, if you could have all the naked posters of pinup models to choose from to populate your desk drawers at work, all the porn you wanted and one of the NON FLDS women in these pictures (I assure you there are many similar ones at Trent's site) or any one of the FLDS women pictured there including the one pictured inconsolably distressed in agonized despair, would you take one of the women guarding them and keep your porn stash, or throw it all away for just one of these women in their sensible shoes and weird dress?

This is a contrast I have been reluctant to point out. I mean no slight to any one woman who guards the FLDS flock. I do not know them. They have a job to do. They may be equally saintly or more so than those they guard. Overall though there is a pattern. We have our anorexic naked fantasies, our pornography, our revealing dresses and no reality with which to match it.

The FLDS have none of this, and in terms of exterior appearance, even in their worst moments, virtually all the women of the FLDS are more superficially desirable than their counterparts in this real world comparison. It is not my intention to make FLDS women objects of inappropriate desire, most of these girls are women, married women, they are not suitable for my interest, or anyones other than their husbands.

If we try to produce a bionic sex bomb pinup paramour open field of sexual delights, and instead produce female english bulldogs and fire hydrant look alikes, haven't we entirely missed the point? Pretty but severe and distant Pamela Andersons? Desperate hiding and suicidal Anna Nicole Smiths?

It makes me wonder. In the skin revealing "real world" out here, I see more and more women, showing piercings and tattoos, and yet other women sheathed in layers of fat. Maybe we should just let them wear clothes and sensible shoes and cover themselves that way.

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ztgstmv said...

I'm just looking at the first picture.

"Oh did we just take your kid for no reason? Oh dear. Well run along now, your bus to the shelter is waiting."

Robert said...

I'm almost certain that you meant that as a compliment to the FLDS...

The Pharisee said...

Pretty much.