Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vermont State Thief Jeb Spaulding wants to Increase Gas Tax

Yup, just when you're getting comfortable with low gas prices, that's just the time to slip you a hike. I was debating whether or not to call Jeb Dr. Evil instead of Moron. It's a tough call. I settled on "State Secretary of Thievery," or State head of Thievery Jeb Spaulding. Head Thief Joe Spaulding? Hey, I'm working on it.

The Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus - "Steep budgetary shortfalls threaten to undermine the state's transportation system unless Vermont levies a new tax on gasoline and diesel purchases, according to a report issued by State Treasurer Jeb Spaulding.

The recent decline in transportation revenue has exacerbated a funding gap that jeopardizes the state's ability to keep pace with transportation needs, the report found. A 5-cent-per-gallon tax on unleaded gasoline and diesel, Spaulding said Wednesday, would raise $20 million per year and provide the financial wherewithal to resolve a backlog of infrastructure projects."

Gas here is already way up there in price. I don't know what combination of taxes or some custom cocktail blend designed to save the environment causes it, probably both. Diesel costs almost a dollar more than regular unleaded. If you thought you were going to save money with the better mileage of a diesel, think again. Pay 50% more for diesel, chump. The tax differential alone probably costs Vermont millions every year. Vermont is so small anyone that can fill up out of state, does so, and strips that revenue away from Vermont.

"Spaulding said new federal funding is unlikely to solve the problem on its own. Vermonters, he said, are coming to understand the gravity of the situation, and will recognize the necessity of financial sacrifice.

'I think Vermonters understand that there is no free lunch out there,' he said. '… I'm confident you can tell the truth and people can understand it.' "

I'm going with too giddy with lowering gas prices to notice. Slip in another 5 cents, and if gas drops 10 cents this week, we see a 5 cent decrease. Our pockets are effectively picked. Look for this tactic in a state near you! Heck, look for it on the federal level.

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