Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go ahead, make my day.

I just love this part;

The Deseret News - "Failure to appear for this deposition may result in sanctions including, but not limited to, dismissal of the prosecution, a ruling that the search of the YFZ Ranch in April 2008 was illegal and unconstitutional, or contempt of court against the deponent..."

Oh please. Try it. But it looks like they will show, and show up in full armor.

"(Sheriff David) Doran said the Texas Attorney General's Office will assist them in the depositions.

'We have nothing to hide,' the sheriff told the Deseret News. 'We'll discuss whatever topic.' "

Nothing to hide, but the Texas AG is coming along. To keep stories straight?

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duaneh1 said...

Well said Hugh. I suppose Walther could still quash the deposition, but then the YFZ raid would likely be ruled illegal. I'm sure LE from either state would not want such a ruling by any judge. I'm actually suprised that Txbluesman missed this angle. But to be fair, maybe he realize this was a possibility but since he's on a mission, didn't want to reveal it to us FLDS "supporter group" types.

The Pharisee said...

It worries me that the AG will essentially be there "transcribing" what is said in each deposition and probably using that information to prep the next deponent.

Ideally, they should have their own lawyers present and not the Texas AG. The Texas AG is not a friend of the truth in this case. It's improper but it's probably the deal that Picarretta had to make.

What surprises me constantly is that Blues will not ever admit that things aren't going well for the State. The State in his view is righteous, full of virtue and has an airtight case. In predicting that they would not be deposed, that it "was never going to happen," what exactly is he trying to promote? Cheer leading?

kbp said...

Until any testimony is given, the PR is that they will cooperate. It all looks good when it appears they are working uncover the truth in an effort to make it all legal, abiding by the law...

I still anticipate the standard answers will be 'sorry, that is a part of an on-going investigation'.

The Pharisee said...

Then we will see if Arizona permitted these depositions for cover, or whether they really think the testimony is relevant.

If Doran and company refuse to answer questions on the basis that it's an ongoing investigation, that's just a polite way of taking the fifth, without doing so.

If Arizona then rules the search illegal as a result, or the evidence as inadmissible, they pretty much meant it when they allowed the depositions.

If Arizona rules the evidence admissible after Texas pleads to an "ongoing investigation," then the allowed the interviews only for legal cover and Jeffs will have to win on appeal.