Saturday, November 01, 2008

What? No more "Nonsuits?"

Friday is usually a good day for sweeping news under the rug. Halloween, and a big political weekend are usually good cover for news Texas doesn't want us noticing. To my knowledge, Friday passed without any announcement. This next week also provides a gigantic dose of dust behind which Texas could hide a lot of embarrassing moves.

When Charles Childress resigns and the State Capital's newspaper doesn't make mention of it, you don't need a lot of cover, but still, this is a great time and there's no news. At least no news we know of. Maybe that's because the tactic is working unusually well.

Texas has reached the "fish or cut bait" point in their persecution of the FLDS. In the past they have been noisy when it comes even to the appearance of wrongdoing at YFZ. With 37 children left, there has to be a narrative coming out of Texas as to what actually happened at YFZ to provoke their ongoing investigation. Texas is either remiss in it's duties, allowing "children with children" to return to their abusive environments or this small number of children now represent their best case.

But they're not making it.

Reporters need to find a way to discuss the case with Texas. If nothing else, give each child a number. Child "1" for instance should be Merrianne Jessop, the child back in state custody. Child "2" should be 17 year old red headed and defiant firebrand Teresa Jeffs who has no interest whatsoever in the status she has been assigned by the state. That leaves 35 other children that reporters can ask questions about without naming names.

Reporter: Mr. Crimmons, what is that the state is concerned about with Child 3? Is child 3 male or female? If child 3 is female, is she between the ages of 11 and 18? If no, there are no further questions. If child 3 is between 11 and 18, then you ask has child 3 been pregnant? Is there evidence of child 3 having sexual relations? Last, you ask if child 3 is pregnant now. The last three questions overlap a bit, but they need to be asked seperately to "nail down" the fact that there is no abuse, or if they state is preparing an abuse case.

These questions continue for child 4-37.

By Monday or mid week next week there may be 22 children or less. That makes the job even less difficult. We're talking a small pocket notebook, a pen, and about an hour of a CPS official's time. That would change though, if we got to child 37 and none had been pregnant, were pregnant or had sexual relations. Then the question is, as I have said before, "what exactly did you see at YFZ?"

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