Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful in the blogging context.

There are many things I am thankful for. All my children are healthy and doing something productive. Children ripped from their families almost 8 months ago are mostly back and things continue to look good for them staying home. I celebrate President Bush's ability to keep the enemy from our shores for now more than 7 years. I praise and thank our military which is the finest in the world. My son is one of them.

My favorite sports team does not have a losing record as of this weekend. Okay, that's a little trivial, but I am enjoying it.

I have a job, my wife does. We have mountains of bills, but we're working and will probably make it through the winter and then as a 55 year old man, I will have to make a life of it. A ten year sprint to the "finish" which is retirement. If they don't move the goal line in between times. All things to be thankful for, all things to praise God for, and there are of course many many more things, I just peeled off a few random thoughts combined with some genuinely wonderful things.

In the blogging world I am having my biggest month every, and it's not over yet. I may well hit over 4000 recorded "unique hits." That's good for me and I had expected to dwindle to nothingness as the FLDS controversy ground into the court phase. I am what Six Meat Buffet calls a "third tier blog." If no less an authority than 6MB calls himself a "Third Tier Blogger," I must have reached that stratospheric level as well.

I continue to think I can do more with this tiny soapbox. To that end I need at least some tech help which might lead to the revenue that might pay for the tech help which might in turn make this a paid profession someday, if I live long enough to supplement my doubtful social security with internet millions that come from this sort of effort. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 comment:

duaneh1 said...

Happy Thanksging Hugh, I don't post much but read your blog every day to get your take on the never ending saga of the FLDS.