Saturday, November 08, 2008

FrankenFraud Ballot Shenanigans Continue.

A mysterious 32 ballots show up, Coleman contests them immediately, and loses. This is a primer in stealing elections;

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune - "A Ramsey County judge on Saturday denied a bid by lawyers representing U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign to delay the opening of 32 absentee ballots from Minneapolis.

The request touched off a fresh war of words in a Senate race where 221 votes separate Republican Coleman and DFLer Al Franken in unofficial tallies.

The 32 Minneapolis ballots were part of the normal delivery of absentee ballots late in the polling day, according to Election Director Cindy Reichert.

She said they were retained when they couldn't be delivered because some polling places had shut down for the day. She said the ballots were kept sealed until other election duties were completed and were being counted Saturday afternoon, with results to be delivered to the state on Monday.

However, the Coleman campaign contended that the integrity of the ballots 'is in serious doubt.' Its argument for a temporary restraining order was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds by Kathleen Gearin, chief district court judge in Ramsey County.

The Franken campaign accused Coleman of a 'Saturday morning sneak attack' intended to short-circuit the counting of ballots. But Coleman's campaign said it merely wanted to delay the opening until it could be assured in a future hearing that the ballots were in the continuous possession of election officials."

This is how you know something foul is afoot. Coleman is merely saying "wait a minute." After all, there is a statewide recount coming. There is plenty of time to open the ballots. But remember, the BALLOTS INSIDE the envelopes have no markings on them to trace them back to the 32 envelopes they came from. While they are sealed, their authenticity can be examine. Once UNSEALED and cast in with the rest of the absentee ballots, they can no longer be traced. It can be determined later that the ballots are valid and there's no harm. If it is determined later that the ballots were INVALID, there's nothing that can be done since there is no way to pull those now anonymous ballots out of the population of absentee ballots. Look for the Coleman margin to shrink by at least 32 more votes by Monday. Maybe even tilt in FrankenFraud's favor if this sort of treason is being performed all over Minnesota. 32 here, 32 there, pretty soon it's Al Franken, Senator Elect.

Behavior tells you everything here. Coleman is not trying to get the ballots disqualified, he's trying to SEE if they came from a legitimate source. If they did, with voting split almost evenly between FrankenFraud and Coleman, it stands to reason that the ballots wouldn't help FrankenFraud much. 13 for FrankenFraud, 13 for Coleman, the balance going to the third party candidate doesn't help Al at all. So why does FrankenFraud lobby so ardently for the acceptance of the ballots? Is it because he "wants every vote counted?" No. It's because he knows what is in those 32 envelopes. 32 votes for Al. If they're sequestered. If they're DENIED as real ballots. If they're OPENED and there are 32 votes for one candidate, it's nearly ironclad proof of voter fraud. If they're opened now, as they have been and stirred in the pot with the rest of the ballots, no one will ever know for sure.

Less heinous is the simple possibility that FrankenFraud is trying to get LATE ballots, ones that should not be counted, counted. Why? Again this is not because FrankenFraud wants "every vote counted," it's probably because it's a FrankenFraud leaning district. In this analysis Al doesn't gain a lot of votes, but he gains. If the precinct is voting 70-20-10, Al, Norm, Third Party, then Al probably picks up at least a net of 19 or 20 votes.

I have not checked to see if he latter is true. I don't think Norm is such a boyscout that he would be challenging absentee ballots in a district favorable to him if they were just late ballots. If the ballots are not simply late, I'm almost certain they are outright frauds. It's too late now and I'm afraid we simply saw the tip of the voter fraud iceberg in this little scenario.

What we DO know about the 32 ballots is that they were "found" in someone's car according to the blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed. That someone? Election Director Cindy Reichert. For now I do not know the party affiliate of Cindy Reichert or Judge Kathleen Gearin, but I could probably safely bet a large sum, that they are DFL'ers. That's Minnesotan lingo for "Democrat."

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