Monday, November 24, 2008

Flora Blinks!

Flora Jessop is acting like she has something to hide;

The Salt Lake Tribune - "(Michael Piccarreta) plans to seek a court order to require an anti-polygamy activist to answer questions after she refused to cooperate Monday unless a television crew was allowed to tape the meeting.

Flora Jessop had agreed to a voluntary interview with attorney Michael Piccarreta, who represents polygamous sect leader Warren S. Jeffs. Piccarreta had asked Jessop to bring recordings of her conversations with a caller who used a phone linked to Rozita Swinton, a Colorado woman."

Now she's refusing, unless she can have her precious television cameras to play up to. No Flora, it doesn't work that way. You were given the courtesy of an interview, now it will be court ordered. The question on everyone's mind should now be, "Why is Flora blinking when she is asked to talk about Rozita Swinton?"

"Piccarreta said Jessop refused to proceed unless Mike Watkiss, a reporter with KTVK Channel 3 News in Phoenix, and his cameraman were allowed to record the meeting.

Piccarreta said he had never had such a demand in 34 years of criminal defense work. 'That is not the purpose of an interview, to provide entertainment on television,' he said.

He said the request also was inappropriate due to a courtroom ban on television cameras in Jeffs' Arizona proceedings."

You had your chance Flora, now it will be by force of law.

"Piccarreta said he will ask Mohave County Superior Court Judge Stephen Conn to order Jessop to sit for a deposition. He wants to ask Jessop about conversations she had between March 22 and April 16 with a caller who used the phone linked to Swinton; law enforcement in Arizona and Texas; and child welfare officials in both states."

Hey Michael, as long as she's making you get a court order, dig deeper, ask Flora for records of contact between her and Rozita dating back to 2005, ask Flora if she used intermediaries to contact Rozita. I can provide you with names. I doubt seriously that Judge Conn will deny Piccarretta his order, in view of the fact he has provided such orders for more highly placed figures such as Sheriff David Doran. Flora my dear, I think you blew it, and you showed your hand.

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