Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Sporting Pharisee

The Apostle Paul was a fan of both boxing and running using both in illustrations in the scriptures. Sports do not equate to life, life is not a game, but both are theater of the real in which we see life principles acted out in short periods of time. The outcomes are like life. Often the winner is not the best man, heroic effort on the other hand often does make a difference. Reward most often seems to go to those who strive and fight the good fight.

I felt bad about what happened to my Miami Dolphins on Sunday. I'm a fan, I've been a fan since before they ever experienced a winning season. Does anyone remember George Wilson? I didn't think so.

Things got out of hand near the end of an otherwise great game on Sunday. For three quarters plus, it was close, then it wasn't, then the wings started to come off as the game crashed and burned. But I feel good about it. Now. On Tuesday morning. I recalled the game with a Patriots fan who was out hunting Sunday. I pointed out it was worth watching, for the time it was close, it was like watching a human pinball machine.

NFL/Associated Press - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- "Matt Light and Channing Crowder left their face-shoving, hair-pulling, head-smacking tussle with big smiles."

From where I sat I thought Crowder got the better of Light. High Definition replays may show more to the altercation but Light pulled Crowder's helmet off and then it was on. The whole game was an argument being had about who was the better team and up until just before that point, there hadn't been an answer. Light surrendered to hair pulling and pounding Crowder as Crowder laughed. Both will probably pay later. Crowder for encouraging the crowd to support such nonsense, Light for starting it or escalating it out of control.

In Sports, the fights are never over. Both teams will meet again, maybe this season, possibly on Dolphins home turf in the playoffs. They'll pick up where they left off. Hopefully they'll keep it between the lines which is the way such contests are designed. As all fans I didn't like losing, the fights that broke out at the end of the game were not good behavior and not a good example to anyone. Joey Porter also lost it and thought he could defy his own coach and stay on the field after twice being summoned to the sidelines. Perhaps coach Sparano can corral his wayward flock, tell them their intentions (to win) are good, and find a way to point out this should never happen again. I think he will. We won one at their place going away. They won one from us on our turf going away. The fights at the end say they can't wait, to do it again.

Calm down guys, you really love each other. For without each other, there would be no one to play with. Cowboys fans love the Redskins, Dolphins fans love the Patriots. Until next time.

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