Monday, November 10, 2008

Misconceptions Still Abound about the FLDS in the Media

The Rocky Mountain News gets on board with coverage of the FLDS and shows a lack of research on the subject which it replaces with assumptions, the most glaring of which is this;

"You might recall FLDS as the pro-polygamy order at the center of a raid on an Eldorado, Texas, compound earlier this year, in which 439 children were taken from their parents and put into protective custody. Most were later returned."

Most? Try ALL. Since ALL of the children have been returned, one has since been retaken into CPS custody, crying and distressed. That would be Merrianne Jessop, who bawled quite understandably "Only ME?" when Texas came to get her.

Evidence of the bias continues of the watching media continues;

"The women are canning fruit as (Rick) Sallinger talks to them about their lives in the church and in Colorado. They deny allegations that the church sanctions abuse of women and children. Mostly (the women) seem(ed) astonished by the perceptions of the outside world, though several of the women readily admit to having been part of polygamist marriages."

Keep in mind that Rick Sallinger is a friend to the FLDS when it comes to reporting on this story. For the most part his involvement has resulted in accurate reporting. This is also a story about a story written by Rick Sallinger, not a story BY Rick Sallinger. Rick says;

"(The FLDS are) walking a fine line between what they see as God's law and man's law. And God's law takes precedence."

As it ALWAYS would with religion. That is what freedom of religion is all about. When the chips are down, do you obey man, or God? The trick is that God very rarely puts you in a spot where it is REQUIRED that you defy your government. The FLDS belief that polygyny is integral to a place in heaven pretty much CAN'T give it up, that is why the government is out to destroy them.

Rick's reports will be on CBS 4 TV, tonight through Wednesday.

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